Top Hotels & Ryokan In okinawa


Special Hotels & Ryokan to travel in okinawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Hotels & Ryokan Ranking [1-10]

Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts

The Room Capable of Seeing the Greatest Ocean View of 'Yonahamaehama Beach' in the East

The premium room is upper floors in 'Coral Wing'. You can also see the ocean view from Bath in the room and feel relax and luxury.

JAL Private Resort Okuma

Yambaru Groves And Chura-umi, A Blissful Resort You Can Feel The Great Nature In Okinawa

Chura-umi (beautiful sea in Okinawa dialect) and undeveloped gloves, you can feel both of them. All rooms are cottage style and they produce a relaxing air. It's the best private resort to enjoy the great nature in Okinawa to your heart content.

Fusaki Resort Village

The Wave Sound Becomes BGM! The Sunset Seen From The Beach

Fusaki beach is a famous spot to see the sunset. The sunset scenery from the beach and 'Fusaki angel pier' will become your unforgettable memory.

Hotel Peace Island Taketomijima

A Cottage Hotel Of Red Tiles Makes You Feel Okinawa

Red tiles blended with a scenery in Taketomi Island, and a calm and open atmosphere of the room with a wall plastered by Ryukyu Sikkui. They prepare Okinawa musics and Yachimun (Okinawa's pottery) cups for you to feel Okinawa mood during the time you spend in the room.

Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Iriomotejima

A Superlative Resort Stay With Daybeds In All Rooms

All of the spacious rooms have daybeds! On the daybed, you could read books, gaze out at the sea, take a nap to get busy days off your minds and spend a slow time.

Pension Sainantan

An Attractive Room Where You Can View 'Hateruma Blue'

A superb location that Nishi beach spreading in front of your eyes. From the all rooms and balconies, anytime you can view the sea of Hateruma blue.

Hotel Nikko Alivila Yomitan Resort Okinawa

The Magnificent Ocean View

I received a very kind service from the hotel's staffs. You can see the ocean from every room. And I enjoyed staying with the magnificent ocean view.

Hotel Hamahigashima Resort

Adult Holidays Spending In Hamahiga-shima Island Filled With Healing And Power

A mysterious island, Hamahiga-shima is told that the gods live in and the whole of the island is a spiritual power spot. The hotel room is unifyed to be a calm tone which becomes very comfortable. Why don't you stay for adult holidays?

ANA Intercontinental Ishigaki Resort

A Paradise Seen From the Window

A luxury hotel isn't it? A garden and a private beach seen from the ocean view room makes us feel like a paradise.

Okinawa EXES Ishigakijima

A Quiet Interior and the Ocean View From All Rooms

There are 50 rooms in this cozy resort hotel, no noise, a slow atmosphere surrounds there.