Top Foods & Restaurants In okayama


Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in okayama Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Foods & Restaurants Ranking [1-10]


Enjoy Sushi In Front Of The Nice Ocean View

The chef shows the skillful techniques against a background of the calm Setouchi Sea. That is to say the utmost luxury. A wonderful sushi restaurant in Okayama.


The Chiya-Beef-Bowl Using the Highest Grade Japanese Black Beef in Okayama. How Delicious and Soft!

This is the bowl of rice topped with Chiya beef that is descended from excellent blood and grown in Okayama. The amount of production is not so much that is called rare. Surprising good flavor and softness in it's marbled meat. A renowned delicacy!

Kurumaza Yurinan

The Pudding Makes You Happy In 2 Weeks After Eating, Only 80 Cups in A Day

You take a photo of the pudding painted smile face before eating and you'll be happy when you see the photo 2 weeks later. It become very popular by word of mouth. Whether you trust or not, it's up to you.


The Steak Greatly Excites You! Very Tasteful Dry Aged Beef In Okayama

You can enjoy the Okayama's wagyu steak aged for about 45 days. I was very surprised at the condensed deliciousness and softness of the beef! And more, their services performances in front of our eyes, and the superb view of Seto Inland Sea made us excited from start to end.


A Coffee Shop With Taisho Period Atmosphere & Aroma Of Arts

A coffee shop next to Ohara Museum. The drip coffee of four kinds of bean is mild and refined. You can have a good time with arts and antiques.


Tokujo Nigiri For Okayama's Specialties

Tokujo Nigiri (a set of 10 nigiri-zushi of deluxe seafood) for Okayama's specialties such as mamakari and hira. I really enjoyed the tastes I ate for the first time together with a sea urchin and a prawn. A miso-soup of yellow chive, an Okayama's specialty was also good.


The Hamburg Stake Made from Chiya Beef that is a Rare and Expensive Japanese Beef Grown in Okayama

The hamburg is made from 100% Chiya beef that is famous as expensive wagyu grown in Okayama. With miso and red wine demiglace sauce. Because it is very rare and called visionary beef, I was attracted to it. I could find the sweet flavor of high quality beef.

Chuka-soba SAKAMOTO

The Local Noodle 'Kasaoka Ramen' Is Worth Going Out Of The Way To Taste

There were many chicken yards in this area, so Kasaoka Ramen noodle has chicken soup and roast chicken in it. The soy sauce-chicken broth soup is surprisingly excellent with the seasoned roast meat and its noodle. I found a satisfying reason for visiting Kasaoka.

Yamagoeteuchi Udon

Horumon Udon, a Specialty of Tsuyama, the Local Casual Gourmet

The 'Horumon Udon' is famous as B Gourmet in Tsuyama (B Gourmet means delicious and inexpensive foods and Horumon are broiled pig or cow innards). The hand-made udon noodle of Yamagoe store is really good, and not as chewy as Sanuki udon. And the crunchy texture of innards is great. It is the B Gourmet!


Slow Cafe Time In Front Of Seto Inland Sea

Ochaya-ato was renovated from a old house and born as a cafe, antique shop, and gallery. Time in this cafe with the scenery of calm Seto Inland Sea and Maeshima Island, can make you feel gracious and comfortable.