Top Foods & Restaurants In nagasaki


Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in nagasaki Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Foods & Restaurants Ranking [1-5]

Yossou Main Shop

Surprising the Size and the Taste of Original "Chawan-Mushi" Made from Keio Era

Yossou is the oldest shop of "chawan-mushi" steamed egg and dashi soup which has continued over 140 years.  I recommend the specialty big chawan-mushi and mushi-zushi, a steamed sushi. 

Kozanro Main Shop

The Extra Champon Noodle with Secret Rich Soup and Sumptuous Ingredients such as Shark Fin

The extra Champon is sticky noodle with dense and creamy secret soup and sumptuous seafood such as shark fin. It is the most popular in the restaurant.

Sasebo Burger Main Shop

The Special Sasebo Hamburger which Won the Second Prize of Kyusyu Gourmet Grand Prix and the Prime Minister Prize

The special Sasebo Hamburger uses 'Nagasaki beef' the best beef in Japan and sauce transmitted from United States navy. So, it's a premium hamburger!


Traditional Chinese Food and Good Location Facing Nagasaki Harbor

The grand restaurant is the birthplace of traditional Japanese style Chinese foods 'Chanpon' and 'Sara Udon' and you can eat them while seeing the Nagasaki harbor.


The Specialty Turkish Rice like Mixing Some Cultures Served by the Oldest Cafe in Kyusyu

The local specialty Turkish rice in Nagasaki where various foreign cultures mix. Pilaf, pork cutlet and Neapolitan spaghetti are mixed in one plate like the fusion of some cultures. So you enjoy eating the traditional superb dish at the oldest cafe 'Tsuruchan' in Kyusyu.