Top Things To Do In miyagi


We have great places in Miyagi Prefecture that were posted by travelers and the locals who have actually traveled there. Miyagi is famous for scenic Matsushima and specialty food beef tongue, and located southeast of Tohoku Region. To begin with Matsushima as one of the three best scenery in Japan, thousand cherry blossom trees of Hitome Senbonzakura, Sendai Mediatheque selected as the most beautiful 25 libraries in the world, are all things to do here. What's more, the local specialty foods, such as oyster and beef tongue, are also popular in Miyagi Prefecture.

Things To Do Ranking [1-10]

Odakamori Observatory

Panoramic View of Matsushima, One of the Magnificent Landscapes in Japan, From the Mt. Otakamori

I recommend the place called Shidaikan Soukan as a scenic spot. When you go there, you have to walk mountain trails for approximately 20 minutes. But the great view is worth visiting. If you see it, your tiredness disappears soon.

Sendai Mediatheque

One of the Most Beautiful 25 Libraries in the World

It was designed by a archest Toyo Ito who has won the Pritzker Architecture Prize, that is to say the Nobel Prize of architecture.

Matsushima Air Base Festival

Fly To The Sky! Acrobatic Flight Of Blue Impulse After The Revival Of Its Base

Matsushima Air Base Festival had been discontinued after Great East Japan Earthquake. But it has revived since 2017, and Blue Impulse flying to the sky of Miyagi gained our hearts! You can enjoy various cars and exhibitions that we can see only in an air base.


One Of Three Best Sceneries In Japan! Matsushima Bay, The Scenery Woven By The Sea And Islands

Matsushima in Miyagi is counted as one of the three best views in Japan. Matsushima represents about 260 big and small islands floating on Matsushima Bay. The rising sun and Matsushima make a nice combination and a chance for a great picture in the early morning.

Tokusenjo Mountain

500 Thousands Trees Are Proudly Blooming, Great Place Of Mountain Azalea

The scenery of 500 thousand trees of azalea seen from the observatory is really amazing! What's more, if the weather is good, Kesen'numa City can be also commanded over the azalea. By the way, in the season when the flower condition is good, you can see the deeper red azalea carpet than these pictures!

Hitome Senbonzakura (One Thousand Cherry Trees At A Glance)

Stunning View! 8 Kilometers Road Of Cherry Blossom & Zao Mountain Range

Hitome Senbonzakura is a famous spot of cherry blossom, where one industrialist donated as many as 1200 cherry trees and planted. Over the cherry blossoms, there're beautiful Shiraishi River, more cherry blossoms on the opposite bank, and Zao mountain range with remaining snow!

JR Onagawa Station

A Symbol Of Revival! A Beautiful Station Building Imaged flying Japanese Gull

After the devastating damage by the Great East Japan Earthquake, it was rebuilt 4 years later. The new station building designed by Shigeru Ban has a characteristic white curved roof that images Japanese gulls. It has become a new spot of Onagawa as a symbol of revival.

Sendai Hikari No Pageant

Only in December. City of Trees Shines Beautifully ' Loving Lights Handed Down to the Future'

Winter Sendai becomes more attractive by SENDAI Lights Pageant. Here I feel the love for precious persons, and I am really made to feel the birth, growth and living.

Mitakisan Fudoin

A Shrine Where A Deity Of Good Fortune ' Sendai Shirou' Enshrined

In the shopping street ' CLIS ROAD', there is a shrine that a deity of good fortune Sendai Shirou enshrined.

Fukuurajima Island

A Vermilion-Lacquered Bridge You Cross to the Fukuura Island in Matsushima Bay

One of the three most beautiful sceneries in Japan, Matsushima. You can walk to this Fukuura Island. When you cross the vermilion-lacquered bridge, you can refresh yourself in the rich nature.