Top Things To Do In kumamoto


We have great places in Kumamoto Prefecture that were posted by travelers and the locals who have actually traveled there. Kumamoto is famous for Aso Mountain with the biggest caldera in the world, and located west of Kyusyu Region. Nabegataki Falls to see its back, Daikambo commanding the whole of Aso, and a celebrated Kumamoto Castle, are all things to do here. What's more, the local specialty foods, such as house meat and Kumamoto Ramen, are also popular in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Things To Do Ranking [1-10]

Nabegataki Fall

Like A White Curtain! A Mysterious Waterfall You Can Go To Its Back

Oguni-machi in Kumamoto, there's a waterfall named Nabe-ga Taki. The scene of water falling widely is like a white curtain, and creates a mysterious scenery. Furthermore, it's a rare waterfall that you can see the opposite side.

Kamishikimi-kumano-imasu Shrine

A Spiritual Spot In South Aso! A Moss-covered Approach With Many Solemn Lanterns

Here's a spiritual power spot that is said to have divine grace for matrimony. Lanterns standing in a line and staircases are overgrown with moss to envelop the approach in solemn atmosphere.

Isshingyo Great Cherry Blossom

Canola Flowers & Cherry Blossoms Painting Spring Aso Beautifully

Located at South Aso, Isshingyo Great Cherry Blossom is a famous place where many people visit in spring. To the scenery of an isolated cherry blossom tree, which is over 400 years old, and the canola flowers at the foot of it, I can say nothing but wonderful.


Fine View! You Can See The Five Mountains Of Aso

From Mt.Daikanbo, you can command a view of Aso mountains. Many people come to enjoy the fine view from here.

Aso Kusasenri

Can't Believe It's Japan! Magnificent Scenery Of Aso After Burning Off Dead Grass

In Aso, Noyaki (burning off dead grass) takes place on every March. Aso is covered with green in summer, but after the burning off dead grass, it becomes brown or black as coal. And the scenery has magnificent beauty which makes you feel like being in other country.

Kikuchi Gorge

Reopening Since The Earthquake! The Beautiful Gorge With Lush Green Revived Completely

Kikuchi Gorge, where the authorities concerned had prohibited from entering since the earthquake in April of 2016, was revived completely. You can feel refreshed when you walk in the gorge with lush green and clear stream.

Tsuetate Onsen Carp Streamer Festival

So Many Carp Streamers Swimming In The Sky At Tsuetate Onsen Town

Carp Streamer Festival (Koi-nobori Matsuri) in Tsuetate Onsen town has a long history more than 30 years. About 3500 carp streamers decorated as long as 2 kilometers are swimming impressively in the stream of the sky! You can enjoy taking hot spring, eating a specialty Tsuetate Pudding, and seeing the streamers together!

Kumamoto Castle

General Kato Kiyomasa's Beautiful Castle

Beautiful, that adjective is apt for this historical architecture.

Nishi-hitoyoshi Station

Going Trough The Cherry Blossom Tunnel! Hanami Spot From SL

There's a cherry blossom tunnel from Nishi-hitoyoshi Station to Watari Station of Hisatsu Line. Amazingly, the trains and SL Hitoyoshi go through under this cherry blossom tunnel! By the way, it's very crowded with many people. Be careful!

Shirakawa Springs

Surprising Clearness! The Beautiful Water Spring Out 60t Every Minute

Shirakawa headspring is especially beautiful and much water springs out. You can not only enjoy the mysterious scenery, but also you can take the water in your bottle.