Top Shops In kochi


Special Shops to travel in kochi Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Shops Ranking [1-3]

Sunday Market

Open-Air Market Running the Length of 1.3km. The Specialties of Kochi Line Up

This open-air market is held on every Sunday. The local vegetables, gourmet and general goods are carried, and you can buy them at reasonable prices. It is held in the central of the city, so the parking lots are enough.


A Seaweed Shop Makes 'Mochikuraya ・Rare Warabi-mochi'

It's cakes made of bracken-root starch. They don't have fixed shop but appear at any events, so they're said to be rare. Mild Taste of the foodstuff and really soft. Kinako (soy bean powder) is not so sweet, I think that is because they are proud of warabi-mochi itself.

Hirome Market

Kochi's 'Deliciousness' Getting Together

Stalls selling Kochi's local dishes and B-grade gourmet using famous foodstuffs get together. You may not eat all of them in a day. You can enjoy the prosperity by even walking in Hirome Ichiba Market.