Top Foods & Restaurants In kochi


Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in kochi Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Foods & Restaurants Ranking [1-10]

Imadoki Yasube

A Major Gourmet Power, Kochi. Must Not Miss The Specialty Gyoza At A Stall

Kochi has many kinds of local specialties, but 'gyoza of Yasube' is unique. They make it one by one and start to cook after they take orders. These crisp gyoza wrapped by thin doughs will make you addicted.

Restaurant Yuzuan

Kochi's No.1 Avant-Garde Restaurant

The restaurant interior is very unconventional! But the taste is certain.


A Sky Restaurant At 1400m Highlands Overlooking The Mountains

For accommodation and restaurant, Tengu-so's biggest attraction is the view from 1400m above the sea level. It's so high that we have an earache when we drive up without stopping! It stands on the border of Ehime and Kochi Prefecture. You must feel relaxed by nature around you.

Tosaichiba Zushi

Bonito Grilled with Straws By Yourself

You can eat Kochi's specialty wara-yaki (grilled with straws) bonito grilled by yourself in front of the restaurant. It's popular to eat it with ponzu (vinegar and say sauce) but it's an expert way to eat bonito with salt in Kochi. Grate a Himalayas rock salt and try it out.


Look Carefully! A Surprising Restaurant Extended Into The Pacific Ocean

The front part of the restaurant extends into the ocean. The endless ocean view is seen from the glazed three sides. 1F is the floor seat and 2F has tables. Kochi's proud restaurant where you can feel the ocean.


Enjoy Highest Grade Wagyu! Sukiyaki Of 'Tosa Aka-ushi'

Tosa Aka-ushi is called rare wagyu because of the small amount of shipment. You can enjoy it in the Japanese style inn. Tosa wagyu that grows in the great nature in Kochi, has a good chewiness and the more you chew the meat, more juicy flavor comes out. It's the superb sukiyaki.


You Must Not Mistake! First Rate Kochi's Omotenashi Gourmet

You can enjoy the picked local foodstuffs for the first rate Kochi's specialties. A restaurant stuff explains the way to eat in Kochi style enjoyably and politely. You can get a wonderful service, too.


Tosa's Dynamic Fisherman's Dish, Grilled Hagatsuo (a Kind of Bonito) Set Meal

This reataurant stands beside the sea and their dynamic fisherman's dishes are selling points. Hagatsuo's rich fatty taste is said to be better the katsuo.

Ozeki Yasuikeikoku-Store

A Queen of a Mountain Stream, Amego Sushi

It is plump to a good degree. They stock amego grown in the specific clear stream and dress it after taking an order. So it's specially fresh. The restaurant is nice atmosphere in Yasui Vally.

Bonne Peche

Sirloin Tariata Of Beef With Mustard Sauce

Grilled without hastle in the oven to make surface crisp and whole of it soft in good degree. And finish with mustard as a spice to become a very delicious tariata.