Top Shops In kanagawa


Special Shops to travel in kanagawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Shops Ranking [1-5]

Yuigahama KOSUZU

Best One For Kamakura Souvenir! Delicious 'Warabi-mochi' With Surprising Elasticity Like Aldente

If you eat them with the image of melty soft warabi-mochi, firstly you must be surprised at the strong elasticity. A thick color, flavor and chewiness of rare Japanese warabi (bracken-root) powder. After enjoying them, eat it with kuromitsu (syrup made from brown sugar) and kinako (soybean flour). I'm convinced that it's a popular souvenir in Kamakura.


The Beautiful View Of Minatomirai Is Guaranteed! A Mall Seamless With Bay Area Of Yokohama

An open-air mall facing to Minatomirai. As the name of MARINE&WALK, you can enjoy shopping and foods while you walk along the sea of Yokohama. Wrapped in the comfortable sea breeze on the free sofa, your conversation will grow animate in front of the marine colored patrol boats.

Sukanagosso (JA Yokosuka Hayama, Direct Sales Store Of The Crops)

It Can Be A Main Destination For Bus Tours! A Direct Sales Store Of 'Miura Vegetables'

Miura Vegetables can play the leading part on plates at restaurants in other prefectures. The sweetness, textures and high nutritional value that are grown in warm peninsula climate under much of the sunshine, are guaranteed by a vegetable sommelier. At this direct sales store, you may be surprised at the amount you can buy for only 1000yen.


Feel The Warmth Of Wood. Hakone's Artistic Souvenir

A shop stands the opposite side of NARAYA CAFÉ, and a foot bath between the two. They sell the works of neighboring artists. And their gourd-shaped Monaka (bean jam in the dough) 'Narayan' looks cute and would be a nice souvenir!

Antique ROJI

A Retro Town Misaki And Antique Goods Sold At Half Price As A City

Misaki is a very wonderful town that its time has stopped at a certain time. There're some antique shops making me excited like a child again. But my heart pounds with the prices. Roji sells the antique goods at almost half price. You can haggle over.