Top Things To Do In iwate


Special Things To Do to travel in iwate Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Things To Do Ranking [1-6]

Chuson-ji Temple

The Vivid Autumn Leaves Of Solemn Chuson-ji Temple

Chuson-ji was built in Heian Era. You can see the beautiful vivid fall foliage that give the colors to the temple and pagoda. Everywhere in the large precinct is photogenic! Hiraizumi has also unified and beautiful townscape.

Jodogahama Beach

Like The Land Of Perfect Bliss! A Beautiful And White Sands

Jodoga-hama is in Miyako City of Iwate. Because of the whiteness, it's like the land of perfect bliss. Black-tailed gulls around here got used to people and some of them get aboard on a boat.

Cherry Blossom Tree Of Uwabo-bokuya

A Beautiful Cherry Blossom Tree Standing Dignifiedly As A Background Of Grand Mt. Iwate

A cherry blossom tree standing dignifiedly alone in majestic nature. This tree moved me the most among the cherry blossom trees I've ever seen. The snow on Mt. Iwate looks like a fish face to the top, it's called 'Carp Streamer (Koi-nobori).

Kitayamazaki Cliff

Dynamic & Rough Scenery Expanding As Fa As You See

Because of the erosion by rough waves, this wonderful scenery was formed as far as you see. The beauty of the sea shore is ranked as the highest special A! Among the many great views in Sanriku Fukko Reconstruction National Park, this Kitayamazaki Cliff is the most famous one, so it's worth visiting.

Kitakami Tenshochi Park

The Three Greatest Cherry Blossom Spots In Michinoku Area! A Tunnel Of Over 90 Years Old Cherry Blossom Trees

Kitakami Tenshochi Park is famous as one of the three greatest cherry blossom spots in Michinoku area. All of the cherry blossom trees have fine thick trunks! From the carriage, outside the tunnel, top of the hill, on the boat, and various places you can enjoy seeing the cherry blossoms.

Koiwai Farm

Canola Flower Field Extending On The Straight As Far As I Can See

Located 20 min walk from Koiwai Farm Park, there're fields of grass and canola flowers extending on the straight from Koiwai Farm Acres. You can see the great contrast of the blue sky, canola flowers and Mt. Iwate!