Top Foods & Restaurants In hyogo


Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in hyogo Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Foods & Restaurants Ranking [1-10]

Scenic Restaurant Uzu-no Oka

This Restaurant Never Suffers By Own Name 'Scenic'. And Scenic Certainly.

A superb view of Naruto Strait seem from the restaurant. This picture is their specialty 'Otsukuri Stage With A Wonderful View'. They pick the seafood, say sauce and rice grown here in Awaji. Very delicious dish that synchronizes with the view!

Starbucks Coffee Awaji SA Store (Downline)

The Starbucks with Akashi Ocean View

This starbucks is in Awaji SA. And you can see the Akashi ocean view.

Le Pan

Happy Morning Is Starting! A Superb Bakery That Has Won The Best Breakfast In Japan

Famous for the greatest breakfast in Japan, Hotel La Suite Kobe manages the bakery directly. Superb bread and buns made from particular wheat, water and salt produced in Hyogo Pref. Each one tastes like I eat them in a luxury hotel, and has surprising and original deliciousness.

Kobe Beef Kissyokichi Sannomiya-Isogami-Store

Use Only Kobe Beef. Buying One Whole Head Realizes The Reasonable Kobe Beef For French Style

They buy a whole head of Kobe cattle and process it by themselves, then offer the worldwide Kobe beef at a lower price than others. And, their French style is excellent with the fashionable town Kobe. Beef stew and dessert are also delicious!


Funs Must Eat the Two Tiered Set of Lunch Boxes Named Strategist Kanbei in Sengoku Period

Limited only 20 sets for a day. I was talking about the TV drama of his story. A top of a bowl for soba imitates the shape of his battle helmet, I was sad to forget to take a photo of it!


In-season Sushi Of Awaji-shima Island And A Nice View Of Huge Akashi Strait Bridge

A wonderful location you can see the impressive Akashi Strait Bride over the counter. They use in-season seafood caught here in Akashi Strait which is one of the best fisheries in Japan. Moreover, the rice and vinegar they use are also made in Awaji, that produces the superb sushi with full of Awaji blessings.

Cadeau De La Mer

Special Hamburger in Awaji Island Shape

To be surprised, the shape of its buns is Awaji Island. The size isn't worse than the American's. It is outstanding delicious hamburger made from the local foodstuffs (anaga-burger).

Kobe Beef Steak Ishida. Kitanozaka

The Supreme Kobe Beef that You Can Eat at Very Reasonable Price

I was satisfied with the taste and the price. Because the restaurant is managed by wholesale merchant and contracts 3 selected farms in Hyogo, they can serve the Kobe beef at reasonable price. If you eat the same at other restaurants, you have to pay more.

Kobe Beef Steak Aburiniku Kobo Wakkoqu Kitanozaka Main Store

Kobe Beef Stake Grilled Lightly

Kobe Beef that Hyogo boasts to the world. They prepare salt, black pepper, mustard and so on, you can taste beef with the seasonings as you like. The chef makes the best flavor of Kobe beef as it is.

Bar Awaji

A Rich Rice Bowl of Awaji Beef Made From the Sweetest Onions and Beef Grown in Awaji

Awaji's popular foodstuffs are multiplied to be a superb bowl of rice.