Top Shops In hiroshima


Special Shops to travel in hiroshima Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Shops Ranking [1-5]


Homemade Onomichi Chocolate Made From Only Sugar & Cacao At An Ocean View Factory

A scenic chocolate factory and a café in Mukai-shima Island. It's interesting to taste the chocolate of different producig countries one by one. The genuine chocolate made from only sugar and cacao tastes rich and simple. As a result, I bought all kinds♪ I'm gonna be chocolate-holic!

Ken-chan no Iriko-ya

The Dried Fish Grown in Setouchi Sea that are Sold Out Until the Evening

You can buy additive‐free dried fish grown in Setouchi sea that are sold out by the evening. I recommend the dried squid 'ChiiChii Ika' specially.

Cake House Miniyon

The Setouchi Lemon Cake that the Sour-Sweet Taste Spreads in Your Mouth

The cake uses lemons grown in Setouchi area. It is sour-sweet lemon chocolate over butter cake with a pleasant mouth-feel. I recommend it as souvenirs because the store stands near the Hiroshima station and Hiroshima is the top producer of lemon.


Looks Cute, Tastes New, Awasetsuka

Tastes crisp, fluffy, and smooth. I thought the looks was cute and decided to buy as a souvenir for my company, especially ladies liked it. It was also delicious after make it cold. The letters 淡雪花 means 'light snow flower'.

Nishikido Main Shop

Hiroshima's New Sweets Born From the Traditional Well Knowen, Gluey 'Nama-Momiji'

It's different from the ordinary Momiji-manjyu uses sponge cake, 'Nama-momiji' uses gluey rice and has sticky texture. Someday this new one will exceed the original.