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Special Things To Do to travel in gifu Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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A Temple With 'Gassyo' Pose! Only One In Japan, Myozen-ji Temple Has A Steep Roof

Deep in Shirakawa-go Village, a temple of a mysterious appearance. A main temple, a priest's house and a bell tower all have 'Gassyo (steep roof looking like to put hands flat together in prayer)' structure, and that's the only one in Japan. These buildings with 'Gassyo' pose seem to pray for the village, and the scenery is beautiful beyond comparison.

Retro Town In Takayama

Fragrant Japanese Cedar Ball Is A Mark! Great Sake Of Hida Takayama Valued As 'Light And Powerful', And Many Sake Breweries

Many various sake breweries get together, and you can visit one by one to taste their original sake. Feeling the good flavor and deep taste of sake prepared in winter, I was very surprised the differences of these tastes! Selections of each sake brewery will make your both hands full in no time.

Mosaic Tile Museum Tajimi

Tile Is Art! Mosaic Tiles Like Modern Art

At a town of tile, Tajimi City in Gifu Prefecture, Mosaic Tile Museum exhibits the history of various kinds of tiles. Tile is art! You can stuff a bag with as many tiles as you can for 500 yen.


Fantastic Illuminations Of The Village Where Snow Totoro Lives

A museum that condenses and reproduces the old village of Hida Takayama. The winter illuminations is held from the middle of January to the end of February. The illuminations light gently the snow lying on the pond and houses, waterdrops of icicles and trees shine like crystals. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful.

Mt. Kinka

Magnificent Gradation Of Colors And Lights Made Up By A Breathtaking Beauty Of The Sunset

The sky changing its colors every moment and Nagara River meandering like a dragon. I wonder what generals in Sengoku era (the Age of Civil) thought standing here in a hill. You can see the fascinating view that lets you forget the place or time.

Machu Picchu In Gifu 'Tea Plantation In The Sky'

Wonderful Scenery! A Paradise In The Sky You Can Find After Climbing The Mountain

20 min mountain climbing that is good for exercise. I was more exhausted than I expected, the great scenery looking over the observatory let my fatigue away. What's more, the local guides were very kind.

Tenshukaku Observatory

Breathtakingly Beautiful World Heritage, Shirakawago Village Seen From Tenshukaku Observatory

From Tenshukaku Observatory, you can have a stunning view of Shirakawago like you see in a travel brochures. I felt deep emotion that I could come to a world heritage 'Shirakawago' in front of this breathtaking scenery. You must visit this observatory if you come to Shirakawago though it's not so large observatory.

Monet's Pond (Nameless Pond)

Beautiful Pond Like A Painting

The transparent water of the pond and beautiful Nishikigoi carp are wonderful. Though it rained when I visited here, I want to come again on a sunny day.

Sunomata Ichiya-jo Castle

1000 Cherry Blossom Trees At Legendary Place Hideyoshi Built A Castle Within A Night

In Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, Sunomata Ichiya-jo Castle has a legend that Hideyoshi Toyotomi built it within a night. In the museum inside a castle, you can see the success of Hideyoshi. There're many stalls along the bank, so you can enjoy all day!

Flower Festival Commemorative Park

Bliss In Only Spring! Many Roses Dressed In Various Colors

Flower Festival Commemorative Park has beautiful flowers all around the year, but I think the rose festival in spring is the most amazing. For it's the biggest scale in Tokai Region, please visit here!