Top Foods & Restaurants In gifu


Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in gifu Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Foods & Restaurants Ranking [1-6]

Butai-touge Visiter Center

The Biggest Grain Of Japanese Rice! A Superb 'Egg Rice' Of Hida's Best Rice

Japan's No.1 rice 'Gin no Mikazuki'. I was first surprised at the big grain of rice in the pot! Mixed with egg, the feeing to the tongue and taste of big grains become more strong. You can eat this in its producing place, Hida, then you will eat whole in the pot.

Takumiya Yasukawa Store

Hida Beef Nigiri, a Specialty of Takumi-ya

This is a rare part of Hida beef. With a sweet special sauce, quality Hida beef tastes beyond superb but dangerous!


Hida Beef is Tasted With Hida Soba, the Locals Loves the Set Meal

Hida beef is famous as a superb meat and I'm surprised at the flavor melting in my mouth. And the flavor and chewiness of soba are only in Shinsyu area. The meal using Hida foodstuffs is loved by locals.

Restaurant IRORI

Irori Teishoku Set Meal You Can Eat All Specialties Of Hida & Shirakawago

Located at Shirakawago, a world heritage site, IRORI is a restaurant of a thatched roof and gassho zukuri architecture. Such as Hida Beef, grilled tororo (grated yam), a specialty Gassho Tofu, you can eat all foods that you should eat when you come to Shirakawago.


One Of The 100 Water Towns. Ice-cold And Clear Spring

The spring here is a blessing of Japan Southern Alps and Oku-mino that is brought by Kiso, Ibi and Nagara River. Everyday, the local people visit to draw the water. I recommend to travel around the scattered springs in the city.

Hidagyu Rest Café Hiragi

Enjoyable Walking and Eating Hida Beef in Your Hand

I think of Hida beef for the first as a local specialty food. This designated restaurant provide genuine dishes and light ones. A dense taste of Hida beef was specially delicious!