Top Things To Do In chiba


We have great places in Chiba Prefecture that were posted by travelers and the locals who have actually traveled there. Chiba is located southeast of Kanto Region, and famous for Tokyo Disney Land & Sea. What's more, thrilling and scenic Mt.Nokogiri Nihon-ji Temple, Egawa Coast whose mysterious scenery of telephone pole is hot in SNS, are things to do there. And the local specialty food 'Namero' is also popular in Chiba Prefecture.

Things To Do Ranking [1-10]

Egawa Seacoast

Telephone Poles Standing in a Line on the Sea. A Marvelous World!

In Kisarazu, Egawa Seashore, the scenery of telephone poles standing on the sea makes us feel wonder. Poles and sunset lead to an industrial area. Pease enjoy Japan's marvelous world this winter (๑´ㅂ`๑)

Hattori Farm Hydrangea Estate

More Than 10 Thousand Trees Of Hydrangea Dressed In Many Colors

Many beautiful hydrangeas become in full-bloom all around the mountain from June. Although Hattori Farm is a little far from the city central, it's worth visiting.

Mt.Nokogiri Nihon-ji Temple

Very Thrilling 'Looking Into Hell' And 'Hyaku-shaku Kannon' Craved Out From A Stone

The whole of Mt.Nokogiri is the precincts of Nihon-ji Temple. You can enjoy the superb view such as a sweeping view of Boso Peninsula from 'Jigoku-nozoki (looking into hell)' and 'Hyaku-shaku Kannon' Statue craved out at the former stone quarry. I like the solemn atmosphere of mossy approach to the temple.

Akebonoyama Farmers Park

Tulip In Full Bloom All Around Me

160 thousand tulips in full bloom all around me. Together with the windmill, the scenery is like the Netherlands as we image. The best season of these tulip is the middle of April.

Noumizo Fall

Like An Entrance To A Fairy Tale! A Fantastic Tunnel Of A Mountain Stream

The stone tunnel was artificially formed as a part of the construction of the stream over 300 years ago. Looking down the scenery like a fairy tale, you can ring the 'lucky bell' .

Sawara Summer Festival

Summer Festival As UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage & Japanese Important Folk Cultural Property

In the festival, their 'Nonoji Mawashi' is most exciting! They shoulder the rear wheels, and turn the float, which is 3 or 4 tons, like writing a letter 'の(no)' by brush, with the left front wheel as an axis. It's very impressive!

Keisei Rose Garden

1600 Kinds Of Rose Dressed In Many Colors

Roses in many colors blooming all around the garden. I think here's only place where you can see so many roses at one time in Japan. Roses bloom in autumn not only in spring.

Haraoka Coast

Let's Enjoy An Evening Scene Of The Sea And Mt.Fuji! A Pier Stretches To The Sea From The Haraoka Seashore

The third issue of an attractive Boso Peninsula! Today, I introduce you Haraoka Seashore where you could see Mt.Fuji over the Tokyo Bay in the evening. And a pier stretches to the sea is too photogenic to become more and more popular among boys and girls who like taking photos!

Byobugaura Beach

Equal To The White Cliffs Of Dover! A Powerful Coastline Of A Sheer Cliff

In Byobu ga ura, there're 10km long rough and sheer cliff formed by encroachment of the sea. It's called the Oriental Dover! And, you can see the beautiful glowing seashore at sunset.

Tsukinosabaku Monumental Statue

A Little Surreal? Statues of Prince and Princess Ridding Camels

These statues were built on the motif of a children's story 'Desert in the Moon'. Seen from the different angles, a sandhill, the sea and apartments will appear!