Top Foods & Restaurants In aomori


Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in aomori Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Foods & Restaurants Ranking [1-8]

Minato Shokudo

Japan's Top Seafood Bowl! Delicious 'Flatfish Rice Bowl'

At Minato Shokudo, a famous restaurant in Hachinohe, 'flatfish soaked in soy sauce and rice in a bowl (hirame no zukedon)' has won the first prize at seafood section of Japan's first competition of rice bowls. Matured flatfish and rich yolk mixed with it …delicious so much.

Taisho Romance Tea Room

Apple Pie With A Romance Of Taisho Period

At a tea room inside Fujita Memorial Japanese Garden, you can eat an apple pie with an atmosphere of Taisho Period (around 1920). With plenty apple, it's filling and something to eat in Hirosaki, a producing center of apple.


A Big Local Hamburger You Can Eat At Bay Side

A genuine hamburger shop at A-factory. APPLE BURGER, in this photo, has apple slices in it! Since they grill the patty after taking your order, it's attractive to eat it in the most delicious condition.


A Gorgeous Set Meal Of Special Corn 'Dakekimi'

A brand corn 'Dakekimi' is grown at Dake Highlands, at the foot of Iwaki-san Mountain. The set meal offered by Matagi-tei is an ideal one to taste its sweetness and good flavor.

Sankyu Zushi

Low Priced & Delicious! Gorgeous Rolled Sushi Of Sujiko

Sankyu Zushi's Sujiko-maki (rolled sushi with salmon roe) has more roe to the amount of rice. And other foods except for sushi are also tasty, such as grilled gizzard. It's a small sushi restaurant and the low-priced menu is also attractive.

casa del cibo

Lovely Italian Dishes Of Seafoods Grown In Hachinohe

You can eat full-course meal in a sophisticated room. The menu changes each season, and you can enjoy the restaurant's original Italian with many seasonal foodstuffs.

Takko Garlic Center

Garlic Stake Gohan With Various Taste Of Garlic

You can eat grilled beef, pork and chicken on the rice topped with garlic by 'Garlic Stake Gohan'. Full of garlic in the appetizers, drinks and desserts!


A Café Using Aomori's Handiwork BUNACO As Its Interior

BUNACO is Aomori's handiwork made from beech. BUNACO CAFÉ uses them for the lights and speakers. And the crisp pie of apple that is a specialty of Aomori is very delicious.