Top Foods & Restaurants In aichi


Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in aichi Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Foods & Restaurants Ranking [1-9]

Torisanwa Centrair-Store

A Famous Shop For Nagoya Koochin. Soft And Delicious Chicken Wings

Meaty and deep fried Nagoya Koochin chicken with salted and sweetened sauce is excellent with rice. It's also good for snacks. I want you to enjoy the tastes of long-established shop since Meiji era.

Yabaton Nagoya station Esuka Store

Misokatsu of Yabaton Loved by Nagoya Locals

The selected pork cutlet with sweet and light miso sauce is so delicious that the Misokatsu of Yabaton is loved by not only Nagoya locals but also people all over Japan.

Kawai-ya Honten

Started In 1921. A Genuine Kishi-men Noodle Loved By The Locals

A representative Nagoya food, Kishi-men. The soup tastes lighter than it looks but has definite 'umami' in it. Please enjoy the chewy flat noodle with such a delicious soup.


Seafood Dishes At Surprising Prices

Tuna, sea bream, octopus for sashimi. You can eat such a learge heilping of seafood at surprising low prices.

WORK BENCH Coffee Roasters

Home Roasted Coffee We Enjoy In Nature

WORK BENCH Coffee Roasters is located in the mountains, so only cars can access this place. Here, we can enjoy home-roasted coffee while we leave ourselves to great nature. The cafe renovated from a warehouse and the adjoining old Japanese house are tasteful and nice.

Yamada Goheimochi

A Castle Town Always Has Great Confectionary! Salted And Sweetened 'Gohei-mochi' With Savory Original Sauce Of Nuts

On a main street of a castle town going to a national treasure, Inuyama Castle. Their original soy sauce blended with peanuts, walnuts and sesame is unspeakably but superb. Mochi, a rice cake is a little grainy in my mouth, that's also a special feature! Let's take a rest for your walk in a castle town inside the building that's registered a cultural asset.


A Cafe With Tasty Coffee & Craft Beers

You can drink craft beers changes periodically as well as coffee. What's more, they prepare the rare menu such as cold-brew with nitrogen gas. It has nice mouth-feeling and sweetness.

Haccho Miso

Aichi's Usuful Seasoning! Full-bodied And Flavorful Aka-miso

It tastes full-bodied rather than strong, and if it's used for miso soup, it serves as a foil for the other foodstuffs. Good both as a seasoning and as subtle flavor! This local specialty is sold at this shop, and also you can look around the factory and enjoy it in the restaurant.

Kinboshi Fushimi

Nagoya's Best Yakitori!? The Superb Grilled Veal with Herbs

All kinds of yakitori are good of course, but this is superb. Grilled by charcoal, juicy veal with fresh basil smell. Ladies and gentleman will like it!