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Special Sights to travel in yamanashi Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.




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Among European buildings, Lake Kawaguchi and Mt.Fuji become a part of the borderless scenery. Anywhere in the French style garden with flowers and trees beautiful throughout a year is very photogenic! Walking in a rose garden at its peak in June, you can feel like being a Parisienne!


Fuji Fuketsu (a lava tunnel)' designated as a natural treasure is located in Aokigahara Forest. In the cave, it's always kept 0℃ and has many mysterious icicles. I found many things that I had never knew in the explanation by the local guide! You can bring back the interesting stories.


Hakushu's highball appeals to our hearts in commercial message. Here, an instructor teaches how to make it. Natural water of Japan Southern Alps and soda the same as the whisky's ingredient, and outstanding unique aroma of smoke and barrel! You can enjoy a 'forest fragrance' ultimate highball in a thin glass.


Shosen-kyo Valley is said to be the most beautiful valley in Japan. Kakuen-bou, a rock mountain where a priest Kakuen trained in old times, and Senga Waterfall, there're many places worth seeing.


Japan's No.1 Mt.Fuji as a background, Fuji Shiba-zakura(moss pink) Festival directs the best scenery in spring that pink and blue make a good contrast. They hold this event from the end of April to May. Magnificent view!


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