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Special Things To Do to travel in yamanashi Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

8 Things To Do [1-8]

Kawagushiko Music Forest Museum

◎J'aime! Paris Garden With Collaboration Of Lake Kawaguchi & Mt.Fuji


◎A Glass Of Ultimate! 'Forest Fragrance Highball’ Blended By Hakushu Style

Aokigahara Forest

◎At The Foot Of Mt.Fuji, A World Cultural Heritage. Exploration Of Lava Cave In Aokigahara Forest

Fujishiba Sakura Matsuri Festival

◎The Moss Pink Festival. The Best Spring Scenery Against the Background of Mt.Fuji

Yatsugatake Kogen Ohashi Bridge

◎The Yellow Bridge With Proud Mountain View In Yamanashi Pref.

Shosen Valley

◎Admired As The Most Beautiful In Japan! A Valley Designated As A Scenic Spot

Tsutsujigasaki Yakata (Takeda Shrine)

◎Fall Foliage & Bared Stone Fences Remains Since Sengoku Period

Oshino Hakkai (Eight Ponds)

◎Mysterious Spring Ponds With Reflections Of Seasonal Mt.Fuji


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