Special Things To Do In yamaguchi

Special places to travel in yamaguchi Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.



Tips By Travelers and Locals


At Iwaguni of Yamaguchi pref, Kintai-kyo Bridge is a fine wooden architecture and a popular tourist attraction. At the event held in autumn, they make bonfires by the bridge. The flickering flames and the Kintai-kyo Bridge produce the fantastic scene.


The line of Torii gates standing by the Japan Sea. The clear sea color of Nagato is one of the reason, the torii gates and the sea produce the beautiful scenery.


Ruriko-ji Temple is in Yamaguchi City, and the five-storied pagoda is its symbol. This is counted among the three most beautiful pagodas in Japan, and thought highly as a national treasure.


Mine City in Yamaguchi is rich in water resources. Among these, Beppu Benten-ike Pond is elected as Japan's 100 remarkable waters. It's popular also as a tourist attraction because of its high degree of transparency and beautiful scene.


Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge is on the north of Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Pref. It's the third longest bridge that connects an isolated island without a fee. The beautiful cobalt blue sea is spreading under the bridge.


Akiyoshi-do is a limestone cave located on the foot of Akiyoshi-dai, a karst plateau. It's one of the three biggest limestone caves in Japan, and has an extensive space inside it. It's very popular as a tourist destination.


The beautiful bridge represents Japan. I felt the brilliance of it that concrete never expresses. I crossed the bridge of glory that has succeeded the techniques and give us seasonal taste.


The torafugu (tiger puffer) sashimi of the Shimonoseki with green onion and secret sauce is superb, that is clear for seeing the plate and chewy.


It smells savory when they put a fire on the surface and to evaporate alcohol content a little. I cannot help drinking!