Special Things To Do In yamagata

Special places to travel in yamagata Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Tips By Travelers and Locals


Some Japanese wooden hotels stand along the Ginzan River and there are a lot of atmosphere in Ginzan hot spring town. After sunset, people wearing yukata walk here and there in the town lightened by gas lamps. You can feel the mood of the old period as if you go back in time.


Risshaku-ji Temple is familiar as a name 'yama-dera' (mountain temple) in Yamagata. There are more than 1000 stairs from the gate to the depths, and you can enjoy a fine view becoming more and more beautiful as you climb up the stairs.


Thinking about Sankin-kotai (a policy of Edo period) on the arched stone bridge built in Meiji period. Enter the old house and enjoy listening to the history in Tohoku dialect and hospitality.


you can eat this gorgeous parfait at a café beside the orchard harvesting the specialties in Yamagata, cherries and pears. You could bring the fruits you gather to your home and enjoy them at a café in advance.


The Risshaku-ji shrine is known as a mountain shrine appears in haiku composed by Basho. Its snowscape is as good as the season of singing cicadas. When you visit the shrine, please be careful where you step.