Special Things To Do In toyama

Special places to travel in toyama Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.



Tips By Travelers and Locals


In Kansui Park, there is a red thread telephone of 58 meters long and it becomes a spot for confession of one's love. At night, you can enjoy the illuminated one as a night view.


Toyama's spring specialty, firefly squids. You can sometimes see firefly squids thrown up on the shore. The sparkling blue lights on the night shore was very fantastic.


In a large site, there're many places to see such as tulip ground pictures, flower valleys and flower beds on the water. It's as wonderful as Keukenhof Park in the genuine country, the Netherlands.


Gokayama has some 'Gassho Zukuri' (steep roofed) houses even now. Among them, a house of Iwase family, you can get the stories of the village's history, the house structure, and look inside the house. Enjoy the glimpse of life of people living at 'Gassho Zukuri' house.


At Ecchu-yatsuo, Toyama, 'Owara Kaze-no Bon' is a traditional event held every September, and has been handed down since Edo period. Sounds of Japanese musical instruments in a tasteful town, and beautiful dancers will captivate you at this nice festival.


Shomyo Waterfall has its source in Tateishi mountain range. Its drop is as high as 350m, famous as the highest in Japan. If it's the good time, Hannoki and Somen Falls appear close to the waterfall, you can see three falls at the same time.


Nanto-shi locates in the south of Toyama, and has villages of World Heritage Sites registered together with Shirakawa-go in Gifu. There're two famous villages called Ainokura and Suganuma, and both of them are worth visiting.