Things To Do In tokyo

Special Things To Do to travel in tokyo Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa

An Active Space You Can Be Close To The Unique Animals

A tunnel under the sea where a manta and a ray swim unhurriedly. Expressive seals, Madagascar day gecko with pretty little gestures and so on. You can see close to these unique animals

Powerful and Fantastic Dolphin Performance

Using sounds, lights, and water curtain, the dolphin performance will attract you without fail.


The Best Roof Garden To See The Illuminated Tokyo Station

The night look of Tokyo Station is different from the day time. You can see the illuminated awesome Tokyo Station closer from the roof garden of the building 'KITTE'. It opens for free, so you can visit many times to take photos.

Roppongi Hills Sky Deck

Art By The Name Of City. Night View Of Tokyo Seen From The Highest Observatory In Japan

Symbols of a capital city, Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree of course, if the weather is good, even Mt.Fuji can be seen from this open-air observatory. Enjoy the shining night view and sky in Tokyo.

Dramatically Beautiful Place For The Urban Sunset View

Roppongi Hills Sky Deck is the highest open-air observation place in Japan. From the observatory with cool heliport we often see in TV, you can enjoy the scenery of urban sunset that dyes the city orange.

Minamijima Island

100 People Can Enter in A Day! An Island of Rich Nature Floating on the Beautiful Sea

Minami Island is designated as a natural treasure. To save the nature, they control the number of people and time to land. I can't forget the scenery, nothing but a superb view.

Clear Water On A Paradise In Tokyo

Minami-jima Island is a popular spot with a superb view in Ogasawara Islands. I'm sure that you will be surprised at the beauty water of Ougi Pond and Same Pond.

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center

The Tokyo Sky Tree Night View Seen From The Observation Terrace

Illuminated Tokyo Sky Tree is also attractive. From an observation terrace of Asakusa Culture And Sightseeing Center, you enjoy the night view of Tokyo Sky Tree and around that.

World Trade Center Building

One of the Three Most Popular Night View Spots in Tokyo

The Observation Tower 'Seaside Top' is at 40th floor. Because the building stands near the Tokyo Tower, you can find that the wonderful composition of the night view as a piece of painting. And the room is a romantic mood and a best-kept secret. I recommend it for dating.

An Observatory Like Executive Lounge

This observatory can see the 360 degrees of Tokyo night view. The chairs and sofas seem to be executive and here serves both as a fashionable lounge.

Tokyo Skytree

A Miniature Of A Big City

Very high, isn't it? The buildings look like cute miniatures. A panoramic scenery of the biggest city in Japan.

An Observation Window Located 340 Meters High

Here's the only place to look down from this height.

Jiburi Museum

The Museum You Can Immerse Yourself in the Ghibli World

The exhibition of Ghibli works, original short movies, and trick arts, children and adults can enjoy fully apart from the real world.

The Famous Characters Appear in Various Spots in the Museum

You can find the famous characters anywhere. It would be one of the attractions of this Ghibli Museum.

Gotoku-ji Temple

Happiness Will Come! A Temple With Many

Located at Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Gotoku-ji Temple is very famous as a birthplace of Fortune Cat (Maneki-neko). In the delication hall where cats has brought happiness to the owners get together, is filled up with spiritual happy power. Cat-lovers must visit, meow!

Ura-sabaku Desert

Like A Different World In SF, The Only Desert In Japan

At Izu Oshima Island, the east side of Mt.Mihara, Ura-sabaku Desert is the only one in Japan that has a name of desert. Not any plants living here. You must be under an illusion that you arrive at a different planet or …

Futami Harbor

Unforgettable Send-off Letting You Want To Come Again

1000km southward from Tokyo, Chichi-jima Island is famous for the send-off of the people living in the island when the visitors go out. Many people waving their hands, boats for send-off, and people diving from the boats… It's a moving scene that makes you want to come here again.

Otori Shrine

Annual Event Of Year's End! 'Tori-no Ichi' Filled With Gorgeous 'Kumade' Raking Up Good Fortunes

Otori Shine is the birth place of Tori-no Ichi Festival that is hold at the Cock days (one of the twelve daily signs) of November. Many people visit the shrine for rakes that gather the good fortunes and money in the coming year. Energetic hand-clapping and shouting 'business success' make me feel that I can really gather the good fortunes!

Meguro Gajyoen

Absolutely Gorgeous Ceiling Paintings & Interiors Lightened In Japanese Mood

Hyakudan-kaidan' (one hundred steps) is a wooden architecture and a tangible cultural property of Tokyo. It was built in the beginning of Showa era as a banquet room. The interiors of the seven Japanese rooms are worth seeing! During summer, the collaboration exhibition with lights like Japanese festivals and artistic lights wins popularity. Some people wear yukata, summer kimono, and enjoy it.

Chichi Island

Whale Watching Of Dynamic Humpback Whales

You could enjoy a dynamic whale watching on a tour boat leaving Chichi-jima Island. The best season is between February and April.

Wakasu Seaside Park

Outdoor Activities By The Gate Bridge & The Sea

At Wakasu Seaside Park facing to Tokyo Bay, you can enjoy sea fishing in front of the view of Gate Bridge. Also, the swings commanding a whole view of Tokyo Bay and rental unique bicycles.


A Treasure House Of Indigenous Species! A Forest Where Clear Snails Live

Sekimon area in Haha Island is designated as a special nature preserve. This forest where we cannot enter without a nature guide is certainly a treasure house of indigenous species. Such as clear snails named boninosuccinea ogasawarae, you can meet the animals you never seen before.

Senso-ji Temple

Consecutive More Than 300 Years Since Edo Period. 'Toshino Ichi' Fair At The End Of The Year For Gorgeous Hagoita

The annual event held as a last fair of the year (in 2016, 3days on 12/17,18,19) at the site of Senso-ji Temple. People buy this gorgeous Oshie Hagoita for good health and fortune of the next year, and for talisman. Very crowded every year.

Lighted A Five Storied Pagoda And Hozo-mon Gate

Senso-ji Temple is a highlight of Asakusa sightseeing. Especially, illuminated pagoda and Hozo-mon produce a mysterious beauty that make us forget that we're in a big city.

Haneda Airport Second Terminal Observation Deck

Taking Off Planes And The Rising Sun At Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport is located at an open fields, and for that reason, it's a best place to view the rising sun. I recommend the 2nd Terminal Observation Deck. But, you can see this view in only winter whose time of sunrise becomes later.

Ebisu Garden Place

Baccarat Largest Chandelier Shining At Ebisu Garden Place

What came from France is, Baccarat largest chandelier with as many as 8472 crystals. It makes Ebisu Garden Place shining in winter. Why don't you have a date here?

Machida Squirrel Zoo

Relaxing Zoo You Can Play With 200 Squirrels Ridding On Your Hands

Small squirrels cheerfully running around welcome you! It's a rare facility where people can enter the place squirrels live naturally. You can feed directly and they come to ride your hands. Let's get refreshed by the lovely squirrels and beautiful nature!