Shops In tokyo

Special Shops to travel in tokyo Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

10 Shops [1-10]

Daiba Icchome Shopping Street

◎Like A Time Travel! Retro Atmosphere Of 1950's

Shiro-Hige's Cream Puff Factory

◎Only Here In The World! Totoro Cream Puff Ghibli Recognized Officially


◎A Room Like A Treasure Box Standing Quietly At A Back Alley And Grabbing The Hearts Of Travelers

Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store

◎The Mitsukoshi Main Store Loved by Madams

Sumida Edokiriko-kan

◎Original Edokiriko from Old Style to Modern in the Store

Murakami Kaishindo

◎Rare Cookies That Are Hard To Get

Marunochinakadori St.

◎Prized As the Beautiful Scenery of the City, Marunouchi Main St. Lined by Well Kept Trees

Nakano Broadway

◎Japanese Deep Cultures Appear One After Another

New Marunouchi Building

◎The Shopping Spot like a British Classic Hotel

Divercity Tokyo Plaza

◎A Big And Full Size 'Mobile Suit Gundam'


Tips By Travelers and Locals