Foods & Restaurants In tokyo

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in tokyo Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

58 Foods & Restaurants [1-30]

Roku Roku

◎Sophisticated Edomae Sushi, 'Kaede Nigiri'

◎Sushi Tasted in Refined and Modern Room You cannot Seen Except in Roppongi

La Bombance

◎The Free Style Original Japanese Cuisine Received a Star in the Michelin Guide, Ahead of the Pack

◎Coffee Blancmange which You Should Eat

◎The Comfortable Service Relaxes us in the Restaurant which Received one star in the Michelin Guide

T.Y.Harbor Brewery

◎Craft Beer Made In Shinagawa! A Waterside Restaurant In Tennozu

Imperial Hotel Tokyo

◎Reproduced <Marilyn Monroe Breakfast>

Unagi Hirai

◎Very Delicious But Unknown Restaurant of Japanese Eel


◎A Comfort Food 'Jiro's Oyako-don' Loved By A Japanese Country Gentleman


◎The Tiramisu with a Logo of GUCCI

◎GUCCI Café, Only Two Shops In The World

◎A Stylish Café Latte


◎Traditional Natural Eel Taste Which Has the History of 200 Years

The Cafe by Aman

◎The Cafe Based on Aman's Philosophy of Snuggling To the Nature

◎The Casual Lunch of Aman

Ginza Waen

◎The Dry Aging Beef Made By Master of Cooking Dry Japanese Beef

The Dining Room

◎Rich Shaved Ice Boom!! Tropical Flavor

◎No.1 Rich Shaved Ice With Peach


◎A Beehive As It Is!? A Breakfast At A Luxury Hotel

Chichijima Island

◎Ogasawara Islands Specialty, Sea Turtle Dishes May Become Your Favorite!

Tendan Ginza Store

◎Delicious Beef Needs No Explanations

◎A Cold Noodle Eaten As an Ending

Ginza Furukawa

◎The Hamburg Steak with Stew Sauce, the Taste Brings Happiness!

Tsukiji Kanno Main Shop

◎Abundant Seafood Menu and Reasonable Price for Eating Breakfast Outside Tsukiji Market

◎So Valuable Deluxe Sushi Selected By Chef

Beer Hall Lion Ginza-7-Chome-Store

◎The Oldest Beer Hall With A Long History And Traditions

Fukagawa-Jyuku Hachiman Store

◎Tokyo Local Specialty Fukagawa-Meshi Which Fishermen in Edo Love

Tuskiji Dontaku

◎Much Fresher Than Others! Seafood Rice Bowl In The Market

Lobby Lounge of Tokyo Station Hotel

◎French Toast Soaked Fully in the Special Sauce

◎An European Classic Lounge

Chuka Soba Aoba Nakano Main Store

◎Using Stocks of Meat and Seafood, a Chinese Noodle You Will Be Addicted

Rojiura Monja Monkichi Main Store

◎Well Known Tsukishima Monja Restaurant in a back alley! 'Monkichi Special' With Rich Seafood

Itamae Sushi EDO

◎Impressive & Photogenic SUSHI Restaurant

Aoyama Flower Market TEA HOUSE

◎Feel Relaxed At Aoyama! A Café Like A Greenhouse With Flowers & Plants

Ahill Ginza

◎A Gorgeous Hamburg of Selected Beef Wrapping Rich Foie Gras

Starbucks Coffee Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku Store

◎A Sky Starbucks With A Leafy Paradise

◎The City Scenery Seen From The Roof


◎A Rich Katsuman's Pork Cutlet Based on Inherited 8 Rules

Kagurazaka Wine Ber

◎A Bar At Kagurazaka You Can Enjoy Joyful Dishes & Wines


◎The Best Genuine Edokko Taste Of Salty Soba Tsuyu


◎Started In 1902, Imo-yokan Crammed With Sweetness Of Sweet Potatoes


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