Things To Do In tokushima

Special Things To Do to travel in tokushima Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Tsurugi-san Mountain

Grand Scenery From 1955m Mountain Top

One of the 100 best mountains in Japan, and the second highest in the western Japan. The breathtaking scenery spreads on the mountain top located 1995m above sea level. Specially, the ridge named 'Jiro-gyu' you can see from the terrace is extremely beautiful.

Sky Terrace Of Tsurugi-san, One Of The 100 Best Mountains In Japan

Tsurugi-san is known as a mountain for beginner climbers because the lift and path are equipped, though it's a 2000-meter mountain. On the top, a scenic terrace are set up for all directions to see the beautiful view that is one of the 100 best mountains in Japan.

Uzu Road

Naruto's Breathtaking View And Thrill At Uzu Road

Tokushima's famous attraction 'Uzu no michi' has a bracing view on both sides, and a thrilling view at your feet.

A Glass Floor 45m High Above The Powerful Swirling Currents You Can Look Into

You can look into the swirling currents through the glass floor! It worth visiting once.

Otuka Museum of Art

Reproduced Cappella Sistina In The Same Size

A biggest scale art museum that reproduces world's masterpieces by ceramic boards. Michelangelo's famous ceiling painting in Vatican, 'Cappella Sistina' is reproduced at full scale. I was so impressed that I had goose bumps in such an artistic room!

The Before & After Restoration Of 'The Last Supper' You Can See Only Here

Otsuka Museum Of Art is the only museum that exhibits two 'The Last Supper' which are before and after its restoration. In other words, you can compare the two. The mysterious parts that had been soiled became clear, and you can listen to the interesting story about that from the museum attendants,

Iya Kazura Bridge

One Of The Three Most Curious Bridges In Japan! A Scenic Bridge Across The Beautiful Valley

At Iya in Tokushima, Kazura Bridge is one of the three most curious bridges in Japan. The bridge is made from hardy kiwi. You can enjoy the thrills of creaking and swinging of the bridge and nice view of the valley at the same time.

Plenty Of Thrills!! A Suspension Bridge In An Unexplored Region

14m above a valley with a beautiful river. This suspension bridge is woven by plants and remains a historical atmosphere. It swings and has plenty of thrills.

Okuiya Double Kazura Bridge

Taste Your Nerve! 'Female Bridge' Of Double Kazura Bridges With See-through Floorboards

Okuiya Double Kazura Bridges have Obashi (Male Bridge) and Mebashi (Female Bridge). It's better for you to challenge Female Bridge because it's shorter and lower than Male Bridge. The handrail is made by ivy, and the floorboards are see-through. It's frightening! Don't swing it, pleaseeee!

Can You Cross? 42m Long & 12m High 'Male Bridge'

Okuiya Double Kazura Bridges have Obashi (Male Bridge) and Mebashi (Female Bridge). Male Bridge is longer and higher than Female Bridge. When you look down, you can see the mountain river through the floorboard, it's so thrilling. Can you go through this fear!?

Asutamu Land

Being Like A Heroine In Ghibli Movies♪ A Hill Of Windmill With Blue Nemophila

A Hill Of Windmill commands a whole view of Tokushima city. The collaboration of a windmill modeled on that of France and pale blue nemophila is very beautiful and photogenic. Ghibli BGM played in the park liven up the mood of fairy tales♪

Awa Dance Festival

Heated Atmosphere Fills Tokushima During Bon Holidays! A Traditional Festival Held For More Than 400 Years

Awa-odori is a proud and historical festival of Tokushima. During Bon holidays in mid-August, Awa-odori is held each place of the prefecture, then in Tokushima-shi; the biggest venue, about 1.3million people in all for four days, come and enjoy Awa-odori's heated atmosphere.

Yuka-no Sato

Numberless Trees Of Weeping Cherry Blossom Dyeing The Site Pink

You can see the numberless weeping cherry blossoms and forsythia at the same time in Yuka-no Sato. Seen over the back of Kannon statue, the scenery may make you want to pray somehow.

Uchizuma Hydrangea Road

Good For Drive! Hydrangea Road As Long As 2km

There're 4000 trees of hydrangea on the both sides of the road, and you can enjoy them while driving. What's more, a retro tunnel on the middle of the road offers an exciting exploration.

Jinko-ji Temple

Impressive 15m Wisteria Trellis! Climbing Wisteria In Full Bloom At A Temple

Jinko-ji has as tall as 15m wisteria trellis that you hardly ever see other places. You can enjoy seeing the strong appearance of beautiful wisteria climbing to the sky.


Sights Of Moss In Tokushima! Fluffy World In Front Of Your Eyes

Mt.Yamainu-dake is a famous spot of moss in Tokushima. The spreading moss scenery in front of your eyes is like Shiratani-unsui kyo Valley at famous Yakushima. People who like moss and plants or if you are not, also can enjoy walking around the mountain.

Mini-88 Pilgrimage Of Jizo Standing In A Mossy Forest

A famous place of moss in Tokushima, Mt.Yamainu-dake. You can make a tour of mini-88 Jizo which is an easy type of genuine pilgrimage of 88 temples in Shikoku. You can get a sense of accomplishment after seeing 88th jizo, so let's make a challenge.

Uzushio Mishio Ship

The Dynamic Swirling Currents In Front Of Your Eyes

You can go very near to the dynamic swirling currents on a boat. I felt a thrill that I'm afraid not to be engulfed into the currents.

Naruto Sky Line

A Driveway Looking Over The Whole Sea Of Naruto From A Car Window

Naruto Sky Line can commend the view of Uchino Sea as well as Naruto Strait famous for the swirling currents. On sunny day, we can enjoy refreshing drive, and people who like cars and stunning views must like it.

Joroku-ji Temple

Gradation Of Red, Yellow And Green Fall Foliage At Joroku-ji Temple

Japanese maple trees at Joroku-ji Temple change their colors severally, so you can enjoy seeing beautiful gradation of red, yellow, orange and green. Fall foliage is excellent with the tile roof and the temple gate, I was really excited to take pictures.

Mt.Bizan Observatory

Seen From An Observatory, The Morning Sun Dyeing Tokushima Port

Mt.Bizan is located at the center of Tokushima City. It's a low mountain but you can see the rising sun above the sea from its observatory. And the morning sunlight dyeing the port is so beautiful that it makes you feel the beginning of the new day.

Sakura Kaido (Cherry Blossom Route)

Aiming To Be No.1 In Japan, A Beautiful Countryside With Weeping Cherry Blossoms

Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima, aims to become the most beautiful town of weeping cherry blossoms in Japan. Weeping cherry trees and canola flowers are planted mainly National Route 438 and all over the town, and they are so photogenic! It's no problem to say here as No.1 in Japan.

Zuigan-ji Temple

Only 3 Min From The Downtown To The Silent World

Zuigan-ji Temple is located at the foot of Mt.Bizan in the downtown of Tokushima. Paving stones covered with moss and flowers adding colors modestly are certainly aspects of an old and historical temple. There're many things to see such as Tokushima's famous spring and a Christian lantern. We can't believe that 3 minutes drive from the downtown takes us to the world wrapped in silence.

Oomiko Seaside

Lucky Daruma Sunrise From The Horizon

Oomiko Seaside is a sunrise view spot in Tokushima. In winter, you can see the lucky 'Dariuma Sunrise' (its shape looks like a daruma, a doll of luck). Many people come to see it on New Year's Day. But only a few local people come on usual days. How about aimig this lucky sunrise?

Myo-ou ji Temple

A Special Cherry Tree At Kamiyama, A Town Of The Most Beautiful Weeping Cherry Trees

Kamiyama-cho aims to become a town of the most beautiful weeping cherry trees in Japan. Among the many trees in this town, theses two weeping cherry trees at Myo-ou ji Temple are special. They're so big that they come out over the road, and like a beautiful curtain of cherry blossom.

Jiro-gyu Mountain

Jiro-gyu, A Neighboring Mountain Of Tsurugi-san Mountain

Jiro-gyu faces to Tsurugi-san, which are the highest mountains in Tokushima. From the top of Jirogyu, you can command the whole views of Kagawa and Kochi Prefectures as well as beautiful Tsurugi-san. It'll be good for you to visit also here when you climb Tsurugi-san.