Things To Do In tokushima

Special Things To Do to travel in tokushima Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

38 Things To Do [1-30]

Iya Kazura Bridge

◎One Of The Three Most Curious Bridges In Japan! A Scenic Bridge Across The Beautiful Valley

◎Plenty Of Thrills!! A Suspension Bridge In An Unexplored Region

◎Walk In The Air At A Historical Valley

Tsurugi-san Mountain

◎Sky Terrace Of Tsurugi-san, One Of The 100 Best Mountains In Japan

◎Grand Scenery From 1955m Mountain Top

◎One Of The 100 Best Mountains In Japan! The Great View From The Highest Top In Tokushima

Uzu Road

◎Naruto's Breathtaking View And Thrill At Uzu Road

◎A Glass Floor 45m High Above The Powerful Swirling Currents You Can Look Into

Otuka Museum of Art

◎Reproduced Cappella Sistina In The Same Size

◎World's First Museum Of Masterpiece Made Of Ceramic Board Reproduced In Actual Sizes

◎Monet's Great Art 'Nymphéas' Shinning Under The Sun

Asutamu Land

◎Being Like A Heroine In Ghibli Movies♪ A Hill Of Windmill With Blue Nemophila

Yuka-no Sato

◎Numberless Trees Of Weeping Cherry Blossom Dyeing The Site Pink

Okuiya Double Kazura Bridge

◎Taste Your Nerve! 'Female Bridge' Of Double Kazura Bridges With See-through Floorboards

◎Can You Cross? 42m Long & 12m High 'Male Bridge'

◎So Thrilling! The Inner Mountain Attraction 'Yaen'

Awa Dance Festival

◎Heated Atmosphere Fills Tokushima During Bon Holidays! A Traditional Festival Held For More Than 400 Years


◎Sights Of Moss In Tokushima! Fluffy World In Front Of Your Eyes

◎Mini-88 Pilgrimage Of Jizo Standing In A Mossy Forest

Myo-ou ji Temple

◎A Special Cherry Tree At Kamiyama, A Town Of The Most Beautiful Weeping Cherry Trees

Jinko-ji Temple

◎Impressive 15m Wisteria Trellis! Climbing Wisteria In Full Bloom At A Temple

Naruto Sky Line

◎A Driveway Looking Over The Whole Sea Of Naruto From A Car Window

Yoshino-gawa River

◎Yoshino-gawa River In Winter. Shirasu-unagi Fishing Like Fluttering Fireflies

Katsuura Cherry Blossom Festival

◎Beautiful, Even They Have Fallen! Cherry Blossom Trees Standing Along The River

The Earth Pillar In Awa

◎Amazing Scenery But Watch Your Step! Huge Earth Pillar Made By Nature

Eda's Canola Flowers

◎A Signal For Great Spring♪ Terraced Rice Fields Colored Yellow With Canola Flowers

Sakura Kaido (Cherry Blossom Route)

◎Aiming To Be No.1 In Japan, A Beautiful Countryside With Weeping Cherry Blossoms

Jinstu Waterfall

◎Flowing Down In The Peace And Tranquility Air! A Godly Waterfall

Todoroki Waterfall

◎100 Best Waterfalls In Japan! A Dynamic Waterfall With The Highest Drop In Shikoku Region

Ohama Beach

◎You May See Them! A Beautiful Beach Loggerhead Turtles Choose For An Egg Laying Site

Otodoro Waterfall

◎Surprising Blue Basin Of Waterfalls! Dynamic Waterfalls Dropping Like Stairs

Iya-kei Velley

◎Beauty Of V Shaped Deep Valley

Waki-machi Sinking Bridge

◎A Sunset Scene Full Of Tasteful Atmosphere! A Sinking Bridge Over The Yoshino River

Harada Family's House

◎Early Cherry Blossoms In Tokushima, Pretty 'Hashisuka-zakura' At An Old Samurai House

Hiwasa Sea Turtle Museum Caretta

◎Turtle Paradise! Japan's Only Museum Of Sea Turtles

Mt.Bizan Observatory

◎Seen From An Observatory, The Morning Sun Dyeing Tokushima Port

Uchizuma Hydrangea Road

◎Good For Drive! Hydrangea Road As Long As 2km

IL ROSE Forest (Kamiyama Forest Park)

◎Dynamic & Welcoming Weeping Cherry Blossom Trees

Amagoi Waterfall

◎Very Powerful And Mysterious Circle! Amagoi Waterfall, One Of The 100 Best Falls In Japan


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