Hotels & Ryokan In tokushima

Special Hotels & Ryokan to travel in tokushima Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Renaissance Naruto Resort

Open Bath Of Natural Hot Spring Good For Beautiful Skin

An open-air bath on the 1st floor of Renaissance Resort Naruto, is very open structure connected to the outside by the big windows. Taking a bath with the scenery of Naruto Strait Bridge is special.

An Open Air Bath With A Superb View Of Naruto Strait

Ocean view of Naruto spreading in front of you. You can get over your fatigue in the open air bath while listening to the sounds of the waves.

Moana Coast

A Maisonetto Room With A Scenic Jacuzzi

A well-style room is full of sense of freedom, and selected interior make more resort mood. And anything else, you can have a happiest time to view the ocean in a Jacuzzi prepared on a roof top.