Foods & Restaurants In tokushima

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in tokushima Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.




20 Foods & Restaurants [1-20]

Terrace Café Ohge
Delicious Naruto Sea Bream Cutlet! A Hamburger Made From The Local Foodstuffs/Tart Of Crammed Taste Of 'Naruto Kintoki' Sweet Potato
California Table
Wonderful View and Sweets/The Wonderful Terrace with Superb View of Naruto
Ramen Todai -Omichi Main Shop
Aiming At The Top Of Ramen! A Genuine Taste, Tokushima Ramen Of Rich Pig Bone Broth & Soy Sauce
All You Can Eat Tokushima's Specialty/Can't Tell All The Attractions! Tokushima's No.1All You Can Eat Restaurant
You Can Know By One Bite. Japan's Best Sea Bream 'Naruto Dai'
Nice Personality & Price! Very Popular Seafood & Meat In Tokushima
Sushi Katsu
Sushi In A Good Fishery Naruto, One Of The Biggest 3 Rapids In The World
Izari Café
Treasure House Of Rich Seafood! A Remote Café For Natural & Fresh Ise-ebi Lobster
Fresh & Boiled Whitebaits Heaped Up On The Rice Bowl
Sakana Taisyo
A Set Meal of Sashimi in Season at a Restaurant Crowded by the Locals/A Natural Yellowtail Sashimi Set Meal
Iyasoba Momiji-tei
The Traditional Handmade 'Iya Soba' Thick And Short Noodle Made From The Clear Water Of Yoshino River/Renovated 200 Years Old House
Café on y va
Organic French Of A Conspicuous Restaurant Among The Mountains In Tokushima
Kanpo no Yado Tokushima
Charbroiled Autumn Tastes Of Tokushima Local Foodstuffs/The Tokushima's Local Foodstuff Naruto-kintoki For Tempura
Natural Sea Bream Grew In Swirls Of Naruto Strait/Substantial And Popular Dishes Of Naruto
Highest Quality And Light Taste Of Soaked Tuna Bowl/Special Sushi With Big Seafood Grown By Swirling Currents In Naruto
Mothers Naruto-Store
Home Roasted Coffe Served In A Pot And Long Loved Café In Naruto/A Sandwich Of Meaty And Crisp Awa Pork Cutlet
Ristorante Fishbone
Delicious Italian Made From Picked Foodstuffs In Naruto
To The Top Of Seafood Bowl! The Largest Volume! Naruto's (Tokushima Pref.) Proud Of A The Superb Seafood Bowl
A Café Renovated From An Old House At A Historical Town
A Full Course Of Lobsters

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