Special Foods & Restaurants In tokushima

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in tokushima Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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16 Foods & Restaurants In tokushima [1-10]

    • Wonderful View and Sweets

    • The Wonderful Terrace with Superb View of Naruto

    • Tokushima's Delicious Meat, Awa no Kiwami Pork and Awaodori Chicken

    • Nice Personality & Price! Very Popular Seafood & Meat In Tokushima

    • Can't Tell All The Attractions! Tokushima's No.1All You Can Eat Restaurant

    • Sushi In A Good Fishery Naruto, One Of The Biggest 3 Rapids In The World

    • Treasure House Of Rich Seafood! A Remote Café For Natural & Fresh Ise-ebi Lobster

    • A Set Meal of Sashimi in Season at a Restaurant Crowded by the Locals

    • A Natural Yellowtail Sashimi Set Meal

    • The Traditional Handmade 'Iya Soba' Thick And Short Noodle Made From The Clear Water Of Yoshino River

    • Renovated 200 Years Old House

    • A Clear Yoshino River Seen From The Window

    • Organic French Of A Conspicuous Restaurant Among The Mountains In Tokushima

    • Charbroiled Autumn Tastes Of Tokushima Local Foodstuffs

    • The Tokushima's Local Foodstuff Naruto-kintoki For Tempura

    • Natural Sea Bream Grew In Swirls Of Naruto Strait

    • Substantial And Popular Dishes Of Naruto


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