Top Foods & Restaurants In tokushima

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in tokushima Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Terrace Café Ohge

Delicious Naruto Sea Bream Cutlet! A Hamburger Made From The Local Foodstuffs

The crisp cutlet is sea bream (tai) grown in Naruto. What is more, the original tartar sauce uses the specialty scallion and famous Naruto wakame. It's made from the local foodstuffs and, anyway, delicious. Please appreciate the taste of Naruto.

Tart Of Crammed Taste Of 'Naruto Kintoki' Sweet Potato

Most popular sweet is this Naruto Kintoki tart at Café Ohge. You can taste the sweetness of the sweet potato, but it's not too sweet for even men. Naruto Kintoki is representative kind of sweet potato in Japan.

California Table

Wonderful View and Sweets

I feel much happiness to the combination of nice view and sweets. They are Tokushima's pride.

The Wonderful Terrace with Superb View of Naruto

The restaurant is good location and has the great wood terrace to see the superb view while eating. So, the view is the most delicious one.


You Can Know By One Bite. Japan's Best Sea Bream 'Naruto Dai'

Naruto Strait has very fast currents which is one of the three biggest tides in the world. The sea bream grown in such raging waves is named 'Naruto-dai (tai)' and has tighten meat good taste. Uzunoya offers the sea bream on rice with secret sauce.

Ramen Todai -Omichi Main Shop

Aiming At The Top Of Ramen! A Genuine Taste, Tokushima Ramen Of Rich Pig Bone Broth & Soy Sauce

As a top university, Tokyo (Todai), 'Ramen Todai' aims at the top of ramen. Tokushima ramen has soup of rich pig-bone broth and soy sauce, then grilled pork and raw egg on it. You can have eggs and spicy moyashi (bean sprouts) for free. You must be a captive of Todai's ramen!


Can't Tell All The Attractions! Tokushima's No.1All You Can Eat Restaurant

The reason of popularity is wide variety! Otsukuri and sushi of fresh seafood of Naruto, freshly fried tempura, and Awa-odori chicken dishes that appears at regular intervals. I cannot decide what I should eat.

All You Can Eat Tokushima's Specialty

You can eat Tokushima's local food at this restaurant. Well known Natuto-dai (sea bream) and Naruto Kintoki (sweet potato), and Shabu-shabu style Wakame sea weed which you can't eat elsewhere. Let's try here.

Sakana Taisyo

A Set Meal of Sashimi in Season at a Restaurant Crowded by the Locals

Uo daisyo provides fresh and reasonable but a good deal of fish. To be surprised, the sashimi of this volume is 1500 yen! A good balanced of assorted sashimi.

A Natural Yellowtail Sashimi Set Meal

Because they equip a fish preserve in the restaurant, a yellowtail sashimi is very fresh and my wife also like it. She ate up this amount. Their miso soup containing crabs and sea vegetables makes a good combination with sashimi and rice, I want to ask for another.

Café de Giverny

Otsuka Museum Café With Well Ordered Drink Like An Art

An ideal café you can take a rest of appreciating arts, and enjoy seeing the flowers Monet had loved, at terrace seats surrounding the outside exhibition 'Nymphé'. The seasonal drink that features one art was very popular for almost all of the customers ordered.


Fresh & Boiled Whitebaits Heaped Up On The Rice Bowl

Komatsuya serves whitebaits heaped up on the rice bowl (Shirasu Don), and it's the biggest attraction of this shop. Since they're originally a wholesaler of whitebait, and use the whitebait caught at nearby Wadajima Fishery Port, you can eat the supreme one that you cannot find any faults.

Kanpo no Yado Tokushima

Charbroiled Autumn Tastes Of Tokushima Local Foodstuffs

A king of the autumn taste, matsutake mushroom is specially big this year. prawns and Awa pork, you can enjoy the local foodstuffs grilled by charcoals.

The Tokushima's Local Foodstuff Naruto-kintoki For Tempura

A famous local food, a sweet yam named Naruto-kintoki. I ate it for tempura as sweet as a chestnut.

Izari Café

Treasure House Of Rich Seafood! A Remote Café For Natural & Fresh Ise-ebi Lobster

A fishing village, Izari is like a treasure house of rich seafood such as Ise-ebi lobster and abalone. Indeed, it's a little difficult to get here, but there's a popular café run by women of a fishing port. After taking the orders, they buy the foodstuffs at a fishing port in front of the cafe. These're fresher than anything!

Sushi Katsu

Sushi In A Good Fishery Naruto, One Of The Biggest 3 Rapids In The World

Very popular sushi restaurant 'Sushi Katsu' is located here famous for swirling current of Naruto Strait. Such as sea bream grown in swirling currents, thickly sliced seafood you can enjoy to your heart's content. Rice wrapped with medium-fatty tuna, delicious!


Nice Personality & Price! Very Popular Seafood & Meat In Tokushima

At an entertainment district in Tokushima, here has won the popularity for a long time. You can enjoy Tokushima's seafood and meat to your heart's content at surprising great value for money. I wonder how much they are if I eat at other restaurants! And a cheerful chief is also nice.

Iyasoba Momiji-tei

The Traditional Handmade 'Iya Soba' Thick And Short Noodle Made From The Clear Water Of Yoshino River

The buckwheat raised by the clear water of the Yoshino River is used for the traditional noodle. It's feature is thick, short and mild taste. And 'Bukkake' is also popular.


Special Sushi With Big Seafood Grown By Swirling Currents In Naruto

I thank such big and dynamic seafood on the special sushi. Seafood grown by swirling currents (especially sea breams and prawns) are well-tightened and its good tastes spread in your mouthful.


Natural Sea Bream Grew In Swirls Of Naruto Strait

Thick cut sashimi is very delicious. Wakame seaweed soup with sea bream extract is also recommended.

Substantial And Popular Dishes Of Naruto

It's not only substantial but delicious as well. You may be impressed the with the reliable taste made by the selected seafood.


To The Top Of Seafood Bowl! The Largest Volume! Naruto's (Tokushima Pref.) Proud Of A The Superb Seafood Bowl

I haven't seen such a seafood bowl before. Fresh seafood caught near Naruto get together in the bowl. Gorgeous seafood and great impact.

Café on y va

Organic French Of A Conspicuous Restaurant Among The Mountains In Tokushima

As I was told, they cultivate the vegetables carefully without any agricultural chemicals and get rid of harmful insects one by one with their hands, and the meats are also raised happily in nature. The beautiful and delicious Southern French of such foodstuffs. The restaurant I could meet only in Kamiyama, and want to visit again.

Ristorante Fishbone

Delicious Italian Made From Picked Foodstuffs In Naruto

Locally grown vegetables are also organic and fresh. Since it was displayed beautifully, it's not a home-style cooking but a gorgeous one. I enjoyed Christmas lunch course.

Mothers Naruto-Store

Home Roasted Coffe Served In A Pot And Long Loved Café In Naruto

Served in a pot, but very reasonable! I was happy to drink a coffee in a high grade cup. I knew why the shop has been loved for a long time by the local people.

A Sandwich Of Meaty And Crisp Awa Pork Cutlet

A café with a bakery. The bread is also high quality, I love it.


A Café Renovated From An Old House At A Historical Town

Waki-cho is famous for its historical town. A café Funatoto was renovated from an old house and designed like a fashionable shop.



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