Top Things To Do In tochigi

We have great places in Tochigi Prefecture that were posted by travelers and the locals who have actually traveled there. Tochigi is located north of Kanto Region, and famous for a world heritage Nikko Toshogu Shrine. What's more, very powerful Kegon Waterfall, Ashikaga Flower Park with wisteria flowers fascinating people all over the world, are things to do here. And the local specialty food such as Yuba Soba noodle and Tochiotome Strawberry, are also popular in Tochigi Prefecture.

Things To Do

14 Top Things To Do In tochigi [11-14]

Isoyama Benzaiten Shrine

Overlooking The Kanto Plain! A Shrine Architect Built Up Without Any Nails

Isoyama Benzaiten Shrine is built up on the steep slope of cliff and mountain, and uses the limestone as it is for the walls, which is really rare in Japan. The scenery of the Kanto Plain seen from the shrine is decorated with the greens around, and makes me sigh with its beauty.


A Villa & Garden With Seasonal Beautiful Scenes, In A Place Known For Its Associations With Nikko Kanaya Hotel

The second president of Nikko Kanaya Hotel made this garden for his daughter as a nursing home. And it's opened for a limited term. The garden as large as 3.3ha shows the beautiful scenes that change every seasons. Only the garden is opened to the public, not a villa, and on fourth Saturday and Sunday between April and November.


A Dragon Stream With Beautiful Colored Leaves

It's like a nature art whose shape is a dragon. In the season of colored leaves, it becomes more beautiful. Many people make a line to see the scenery because here is a famous viewing spot.

Chuzenji Temple

The Lake Chuzenji Scenery From Godai-dou Temple

Chuzenji Temple stands by the Lake Chuzenji. Taking photos is prohibited inside the temple, but the scenery from Godai-dou is outstanding. It locates high in just degree, a superb view spot.


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