Special Things To Do In tochigi

Special places to travel in tochigi Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Tips By Travelers and Locals


There's a café renovated from a Shinto priest's lodging in the site for two shrines and one temple. Temple and shrine carpenters colored the inside that makes us to be in a shrine. Let's take a rest with a cup of coffee.


This underground space like the world of game 'DRAGON QUEST' is a stone pit site and about 20,000 square meters. So, you might come across some DRAGON QUEST monsters!


A charge needed, from the observatory you go down in an elevator, the more powerful waterfall can be seen. The condition is always affected by the weather, I pray for your good luck.


I recommend the restaurant for eating a specialty delicious foods of Nikko. The chef with a proud face said to me, "How do you like it?". So, he is proud of the delicious Iwana fish that is chewy and has great fat.


The second president of Nikko Kanaya Hotel made this garden for his daughter as a nursing home. And it's opened for a limited term. The garden as large as 3.3ha shows the beautiful scenes that change every seasons. Only the garden is opened to the public, not a villa, and on fourth Saturday and Sunday between April and November.


Tosho-gu with various carvings is a representative building in Japan and registered as a World Heritage. Youmei-mon gate is said to be full of the earth power, and you can get luck for the relationship with your neighbors and for your jobs.


A specialty yuba, edible wild plants and thick soup, the local dish makes you warm. It is near the Kinugawa station, you can eat the local food as soon as your arrival.


The gate is a national treasure and the most important main gate. It's repaired and regained a brilliant at that time.


The lake in the highest altitude in Japan formed at the same time of Mt.Nantai's eruption. It is very magnificent to see the mountain over the lake. I recommend the open space in front of Chuzenji temple to see the nice view.


Kanaya hotel's breakfast is famous. It's an American style breakfast. I had wanted to eat this soft and melting omelet once in my life.