Special Things To Do In shimane

Special places to travel in shimane Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Tips By Travelers and Locals


This hot spring has been famous for the good effect on skin since early times. Even a man can feel it. In December, you can enjoy oni-yuzu a citron bath, lucky bath for cleansing bad influences and tsuki mi zake, taking a bath and drinking sake under the moon.


A long-established sake brewer 'Kokki' makes this sake specially for only Kai Izumo. I think it matches very well for crabs. A full-bodied and elegant taste, so good!


Izumo Taisha Shrine is the best-known tourist destination in Shimane. I want you to see the Shime-nawa at Kagura-den. This is proud of it’s the biggest range of the size in Japan and welcomes the visitors by the strong presence.


The crab season opens, Kai Izumo cooks fresh seafood caught in the Japan Sea in the original way of seasoning. Crabs are cooked in a dynamic way and they prepare some kinds of say sause for each sashimi. It was wonderful dinner.


Shimane Art Museum stands by Shinji-ko Lake which is famous for its beautiful scenery of the setting sun. See the wonderful reflection on the building.


Shimane has Japanese garden culture such as Adachi art museum. And this hotel also has some aesthetic and cool Japanese gardens.


It's said to be the best garden in Japan. The row of the stones is characteristic, they made them to remind steep mountains. A little clouded and dripped with rain drops garden is also tasteful.


Buckwheat seeds and husks are grained together to make Izumo soba whose color is black. This soba is very chewy and contains ninety percent buckwheat flour as well. Kama-age and warigo, you can eat these popular Izumo soba at the same time as the local specialty.


A round stone is a natural stone and called 'wish stone' that is said to grant wishes if you tach. You can get a beautiful 'fulfillment stone' at the shrine.


Tamatsukuri hot spring is well known as the acting to clear the skin. To enjoy it in a private space, they prepare an open-air bath in each room.