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Special Things To Do to travel in takashima-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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Shirahige Shrine

I Want To See It All Day! A Lightened Torii Gate On The Lake

Shirohige Shrine stands by the Lake Biwa and is proud of the oldest history in Oumi region. To be surprised, its torii gate stands on the lake! We can see the illuminated torii at night, and the lightened by the rising sun in the early morning.

Metasequoia Avenue

2.5 Kilometers Road Of Beautiful Metasequoia Avenue, One Of The 100 Most Scenic Roadside Trees In Japan

The Metasequoia Avenue is beautiful every season. Specially in summer, you can see the wonderful scenery of shining greens and the zebra road weaved by lights and shadows.

Kaizu Osaki

A Row Of Cherry Trees, One Of The Best 100 Cherry Trees In Japan, At The Side Of Lake Biwa

Kaizu-osaki, a scenic spot at the north of Lake Biwa, there is a row of cherry trees. And about 900 trees of Somei-yoshino(a popular kind of Japanese cherry tree) make us attracted by its fantastic spring scenery.

Taira-ike Pond (Clumping Kakitsubata Iris)

Fantastic Scenery At A Small Pond In Mountain Depth

Wild irises grow at a small pond located in the depths of the mountain where my phone becomes out of range. I found the morning mist laying all around, and the fantastic scenery dominated the world.

Momiji Pond

Beautiful Reflection As If It's About To Take Us In

In the quiet mountain depth, I was fascinated with the beautiful deep greens and the completely reflected world on the water surface. Don't you notice if it's reversed, do you?


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