Things To Do In shiga

Special Things To Do to travel in shiga Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.




11 Things To Do [1-11]

Chikubu Jima Island
Located In Lake Biwa, A Exquisite And Spiritual Power Spot 'Island Of God Living'/Let's Challenge At God's Island! Throwing Tiles And Your Wish Comes True If They Go Under The Torii Gate
Biwako Lake
Elegant Lights Arch! Full-blown Skyrockets Above The Biggest Lake Biwa
Shirahige Shrine
I Want To See It All Day! A Lightened Torii Gate On The Lake/The Oldest Shrine In Shiga Standing By The Lake Biwa
Kurokabe Square
Enjoy Lakeside Country's Gourmet & Arts! A Town With Cool, Retro Black Walls.
Kaizu Osaki
A Row Of Cherry Trees, One Of The Best 100 Cherry Trees In Japan, At The Side Of Lake Biwa
Terrace Like A Paradise Overlooking Lake Biwa From An Altitude Of 1100 Meters
Ishiyama-dera Temple
A Temple With Rich Nature Overlooking Lake Biwa, And Loved By Noble Writers, Murasaki Shikibu & Matsuo Basho
Hikone Castle
410 Years Since Building! A Beautiful & Wise National Treasure Overlooking Lake Biwa/A Castle Tower On The Top
Metasequoia Street
I Found In Japan! A Metasequoia Lined Street As Long As 2.5km
Yumekyobashi Castel Road
A Town Succeeds Traditions Of An Old Castle Town
Kusatsu City Hall
Cute And Lax Characters

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