Hotels & Ryokan In shiga

Special Hotels & Ryokan to travel in shiga Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Kita Biwako Hotel Grazie

Like A Noble Residence. A Luxurious Stay At Lake Biwa

A resort hotel at Nagahama that have a sister city relationship with Verona, Italy. It's very attractive for us to stay at a luxurious room with some Italian styles near the Lake Biwa. Six suite room offer the different and blissful relaxation.

This Is Biwa Lake Resort! A Breakfast In Front Of The Superb View Of Lake Biwa

A special breakfast with a lake view of Biwa-ko. You can enjoy the breakfast made up of mainly the local food such as somen-noodle topped with roasted mackerel, red konnyaku, and so on.

Imazu Sun Bridge Hotel

Like Ocean! A City Hotel With Stunning View Of Lake Biwa

From a lake-view room, you can see the stunning view of Lake Biwa looks like ocean without any obstructions. The Crown Prince has stayed here in the past, but it's a reasonable hotel where you can enjoy with families.