Foods & Restaurants In shiga

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in shiga Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

13 Foods & Restaurants [1-13]

Morishima Nagahama-Store

◎A Delicate & Melting Umami-taste. One Of The Three Best Wagyu, Omi Beef Roasted On A Specially Made Stone Hot Plate

Nagahama Roman Beer

◎Won The Gold Prize! Craft Beer 'Nagahama Ale' Directly Poured From A Tank

◎Best Combination With Gold Prize Nagahama Ale! Rib Of Omi Beef Topped On Rice

Schale Mizugahama

◎Get Biwa Lake All To Myself!? The Superb Sweeping View Of The Lake

Japanese Cuisine Chikubu-jima

◎An Encounter With Genuine Tastes Of Lake Country. 'Shiga Zukushi Kaiseki'


◎Nagahama's Specialty 'Mackerel Somen' With Mild And Deep Taste

Uminobe Dining Ashimi

◎Being Held In The Magnificence Of Lake Biwa & The Morning Sun…Breakfast With Many Local Foodstuffs

CLUB HARIE J'oublie le temps

◎All You Can Eat Breads Of Popular Bakery! Happy Breakfast By The Lake Biwa

Kamameshi Omi-mai GINDAWARA

◎People Wait In A Line! A Diner For Tasty Omi Rice Boiled In Pottery

Gallery & Cafe ENSOU

◎Delicious & Beautiful Seasonal Tarts Which Many People Want Though In The Woods!

heureux heure

◎Japanese No.1 'Galette Des Rois' Born From Shiga Countryside

Hikone Mihori no Ya

◎Just Baked Scones

Hiyoshi Soba

◎Chewy Soba Noodles

Hukui Yahei Shoten

◎Liquors Of Japanese Fruit Made From Oumi's Local Sake 'Hagi-no Tsuyu'


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