Foods & Restaurants In shiga

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in shiga Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


heureux heure

Japanese No.1 'Galette Des Rois' Born From Shiga Countryside

Who won the first prize of 2017 Galette Des Rois Contest is a small bakery located at Shiga countryside. They are not only delicious of course, they fascinate us with the beautiful designs. The other baked goods and breads are so good that this bakery is worth visiting from far!

Uminobe Dining Ashimi

Being Held In The Magnificence Of Lake Biwa & The Morning Sun…Breakfast With Many Local Foodstuffs

Breakfast is an entertainment. Scrambled egg of the local eggs, shiny rice of 'Omi-mai' and fresh local vegetables. Enjoy the morning specialties at the window seats to your heart content. Eat it after jogging around the lake, it will make your today's journey in good condition.

Morishima Nagahama-Store

A Delicate & Melting Umami-taste. One Of The Three Best Wagyu, Omi Beef Roasted On A Specially Made Stone Hot Plate

Morishima's specialty 'Omi Beef Ishi-yaki Set Meal' They roast Omi beef, one of the three best wagyu in Japan, on the custom-made volcanic rock plate to cook it for the best condition without scorching. You can enjoy the genuine Omi beef with everyone sitting around the stone plate.

Japanese Cuisine Chikubu-jima

An Encounter With Genuine Tastes Of Lake Country. 'Shiga Zukushi Kaiseki'

You can enjoy the genuine cuisine of lake country, Shiga. Especially, grilled mackerel with somen noodle remains in my memory, and I recommend you also the local sake liquor that is made for recalling Mitsunari Ishii, an old general.

Schale Mizugahama

Get Biwa Lake All To Myself!? The Superb Sweeping View Of The Lake

Don't think it just a café. Here has the special seats for viewing Biwa Lake without anyone standing in your way. Every time I need a scramble for its terrace seats, I'm lucky if I can get! In spring, please enjoy the cherry blossoms.

Kamameshi Omi-mai GINDAWARA

People Wait In A Line! A Diner For Tasty Omi Rice Boiled In Pottery

Rice boiled in Shigaraki-yaki pottery is glossy and tasty even the sweetness can be felt! What is more, you can eat as much as you want! Rice powder is used for fries so it's crisp and tastes light. They use the local grown foodstuffs for other dishes. Enjoy the simple and mild meals.

CLUB HARIE J'oublie le temps

All You Can Eat Breads Of Popular Bakery! Happy Breakfast By The Lake Biwa

J'oublie le temps is a bakery of famous confectionery CLUB HARIE. At this lovely bakery like being in other countries, you can taste tasty breads and nice views of Lake Biwa. Have a luxury breakfast without thinking about time.


Nagahama's Specialty 'Mackerel Somen' With Mild And Deep Taste

At the foot of Nagahama Castle of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. You can eat 'Saba (mackerel) Somen Noodle' in a historical restaurant. The mackerel and somen noodle are cooked to be salted and sweetened, and it's a familiar taste for all Japanese people.

Nagahama Roman Beer

Won The Gold Prize! Craft Beer 'Nagahama Ale' Directly Poured From A Tank

You can drink the Shiga local beer poured freshly and directly from the tank that can be realized only at this restaurant under the direct management of a beer factory. Among all, local beer lovers must like fruity 'Nagahama Ale' that has won the gold prize at Japan Cup.

Best Combination With Gold Prize Nagahama Ale! Rib Of Omi Beef Topped On Rice

A restaurant managed directly by a beer factory, and they pour beer directly from a tank. And also their food is superb. The locally made sausages and vegetables, especially, a rice bowl of Omi beef rib with special sauce is awesome!

Gallery & Cafe ENSOU

Delicious & Beautiful Seasonal Tarts Which Many People Want Though In The Woods!

Though they prepare only seasonal tarts and drinks, such a beautiful tart you eat in the woods is a good seller because they're very photogenic! Many customer come from far, and they would be sold out till noon even on weekdays. I recommend you to visit here just after it opens!

Hikone Mihori no Ya

Just Baked Scones

This shop is famous for its baumkuchen! But other pastries are also good and there are different kinds of pastries in each shops. Here you can eat scones just baked.

Hukui Yahei Shoten

Liquors Of Japanese Fruit Made From Oumi's Local Sake 'Hagi-no Tsuyu'

Among many sake brewers in Shiga, 'Hagi-no Tsuyu' is the most popular and these're the fruit liquors of it. Especially, lemon liquor is highly admired for its nice sourness. The alcoholicity is lower and people who don't like sake can enjoy the taste.