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We have great places in Saitama Prefecture that were posted by travelers and the locals who have actually traveled there. Saitama is located at the middle-west of Kanto Region, and famous for Kawagoe as a little Edo (old name of Tokyo). To begin with Kawagoe 'Storehouse Town', Hidaka Kinchakuda with burning red Cluster Amaryllis, and Hitsujiyama Park celebrated for the largest scale of pink moss, are things to do here. And the local specialty food Kounosu Kawahaba Udon Noodle and Kitamoto Tomato Curry are also popular in Saitama Prefecture.

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Hidaka Kinchakuda

5 Million Cluster Amaryllis Blooming Like Burning

At Kinchakuda in Hidaka city, the best place of gregarious cluster amaryllis in Japan. Every year in autumn, they blooms all together to wrap the whole surface with a burning red. The mysterious but beautiful scenery attracts people strongly.

Hodosan Shrine

Elaborate And Colorful Ornaments Carved By Japanese Traditional Sculptors

In Nagatoro, Chichibu, Hodosan Shrine has wonderful ornaments made elaborately in fine detail. Here is a very nice destination for cherry blossoms in spring, fresh verdure in summer and colored foliage in autumn.

Nagatoro Momiji Matsuri Festival

Red World Opens Out Before Your Very Eyes! Impressive Illuminations Of Autumn Foliage

At Nagatoro in Saitama, they hold the illumination of Japanese maple trees annually. Trees dressed with autumn colors come out beautifully in the dark, which is the very moving scene.

Mitsumine Shrine

Surrounded With Mountains, One Of The Great Shrines In Kanto Region

1 hour drive from Chichibu city. Mitsumine Shrine is surrounded with deep forest. After you find the huge trees, clear air, and fantastic atmosphere, gorgeous vermilion Nio-mon Gate and a shrine will appear. Because it has been a spiritual place since the old time, our mind must be washed away by the power and beauty of nature.

Storehouse Town

Nice Snowscape! 'Time Bell Tower' And Storehouses In Small Edo 'Kawagoe'

A town called Small Edo (Koedo) 'Kawagoe' has an easy access from metropolitan area. 'Time Bell Tower' that tells time regularly and the town scape of storehouses looks nice with snow. There're many shops and many people visit here in the daytime. You should visit here when you come nearby.


For Every People Who Like Railways! Exhibitions Of Strong Real Trains And Experiences Of Driving

Through the exhibitions of real trains and real driving experiences of simulators and small trains, you can learn about the history and improvements of trains. The sounds of steam engine's whistle you hear close are very strong.

Sky Poppy Field (Chichibu Highlands Farm)

Red Poppy Field Among Mountains

It's like a red blanket filled up with many poppy flowers. The blue sky and red poppy, they're really beautiful.

Hitsujiyama Park

A Hill Covered With Moss Phlox. Good Destination For GW Holidays

The biggest scale in Kanto area. Beautifully designed moss phlox are nice to see from far and near. The best season is April and the beginning of May, though it'll very crowded during GW holidays, moss phlox are in full bloom.

Kumagaya Firework Festival

Yagihashi's Starmine Of Firework Festival In A Hottest Town Kumagaya

A summer event in Kumagaya. The biggest size of firework is No.10 (a firework ball 30 centimeters in diameter), and the number of firework is about 10 thousand. It's a biggest festival in Kanto Region, so about 450 thousand audiences come to see it from inside and outside the city every year.

Konosu Firework Festival

Fire! The Biggest Yonshaku-dama Fireworks In The World

The biggest firework 'Yonshaku-dama (firework ball 120 centimeters in diameter)', and 15 thousand fireworks explode in the sky of Konosu City.


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