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I like visiting cafés and taking pictures. I send nice information about my favorite cafés, scenic beauties, delicious food and so on around my home town Ibaraki.

32 Travel Tips [1-20]


Yui-tsumugi has an attractive original texture that is produced by handwoven cloth made from handspun thread of silk. Yui-tsumugi seems to be difficult to buy because of the scarcity value, but you can look, touch and experience with a light heart at Tsumugi-no Yakata. Reasonable goods are also selling well!


A retro shopping district with lined billboard architecture that are decorated only the fronts with mortar, sheet copper and tiles. Looking for billboard architecture, you can enjoy feeling like a time travel to the past.


We get excited at the penguins swimming very fast in the big pool! The attractive exhibition that we can feel the penguin's expression, gestures and voices nearby. Penguin fans must visit♪


Their exhibition is very unique. The collaboration of a photographer Mika Ninagawa and jellyfish makes us feel like being lost in the strange world. This is the new aquarium that we never knew. Don't miss the following exhibitions!


The owner is qualified as a German meat master and has won many competitions. His ham and sausages of the local Ibaraki brand meat have the deliciousness that you never forget once you eat. They were selected as the gift for a birthday celebration of the Emperor.


Various kinds of hina-dolls from historical ones over hundreds years ago to works by modern artists are displayed. It's good for you to take a whole day and walk around the town because you can eat special foods limited in the term of the festival. Listening to the story related to the hina-dolls at each house is also interesting.


Kashima Antlers of J.LEAGUE visits this historical shrine to pray for the victory. Such as a worshippers' hall roofed with imposing hinoki bark, a vermilion-lacquered gate which is one of the three best two-storied gates in Japan, and the oldest & biggest straight sword as a national treasure, there're many things to see.


Namegata City is one of the biggest producing areas of sweet potatoes. You can enjoy the matured tastes of dried sweet potatoes such as precious one 'Maruboshi', that can be made a little amount and doesn't appear on the markets. They're excellent with alcoholics drinks!


Such as pizza using renkon (lotus root) and whitebaits which both are, of course, produced in Ibaraki. And other things in this Italian restaurant are all made in Ibaraki! Enjoy the local seafood, meat and vegetables in each season♪


KENPOKU ART is underway on the sea and mountains in north of Ibaraki. Team Lab, specialists of various digital fields, exhibit a fantastic digital art at Tenshin Memorial Museum Of Ibaraki. You can't miss it!


A memorial hall and a French restaurant in a national important cultural asset building. Thinking about the history of Japanese wine, please enjoy tasting the original wine you can't meet elsewhere. You must see the storehouse in a memorial hall!


The first LCC airport has no boarding bridges, and users can see the planes very close when they board. You can also enojoy seeing takeoff and landing from the observatory deck and eating Ibaraki food at neighboring 'Sorara', even if you're not planning to travel. Free parking lot is one of the reason to visit here, too.


Symbols of a capital city, Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree of course, if the weather is good, even Mt.Fuji can be seen from this open-air observatory. Enjoy the shining night view and sky in Tokyo.


The old tree seen in even the old map in Edo era. People come to take pictures of the tree with cherry blossoms in spring, lotus flowers in summer and cluster amaryllis in autumn. Unfortunately, now a part of branch has broken, but the great life of a hackberry attracts people as a spiritual spot.


They use only A4 or A5 rank of Hitachi beef grown up by designated producer and fed strictly selected food. To make the most of soft texture and flavorful taste of Hitachi beef, they season it only with salt, pepper and specially made thin sauce. Enjoy the superb Hitachi beef!


A rare flower 'titan arum', grows in a limited area in Indonesia and you cannot see its bloom even in the world, came into flower! Moreover, it begins to close just two days after the bloom, so it's really rare to see the flower opening. Check the website out to get the tips of its growth.


It's set up on the second floor of the entrance hall whose design adopted a style of European church building. On weekends, promenade concert is held, and anyone can enjoy the beautiful sounds without any entrance fee.


They cultivate more than 7000 kinds of domestic and foreign plants, from the torrid to arid zone, in about 14ha site. Specially, there're many rare plants in the three hothouses, then you'll surely be enthralled by its unique colors and shapes that can't be seen in Japan.


An art tower of 100m height was built as a commemoration of 100 years of Mito city government. Taking an elevator to the observatory at 86m above the ground, you can have a wide view of Mito town and faraway Mt.Fuji through the round window.


Luxurious jam that are made to bring out the shining beautiful colors and fragrances. Eating a mouthful, condensed rich tastes and smells of fruits and juicy feels fill in your mouth.