Things To Do In osaka

Special Things To Do to travel in osaka Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

18 Things To Do [1-18]

Senri-gawa River Bank

◎Extremely Powerful! Air Planes Passing Just Above Our Heads

◎Romantic Photo Opportunity For The Sunset & Airplanes

◎The Collaboration Of Glittering Runway & Airplanes


◎Feel Like A Space Travel!? Artes Of The Space

Katsuoji Temple

◎Scenery Of Each Season And Cute Daruma At A Temple Of Luck With Victory

◎Daruma Dolls Here And There. A Shrine With Many Pretty Daruma

◎Mountain Temple With Beautiful Fall Foliage Like A Paradise In Autumn

Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library

◎Like A Palace! A Baroque Style Prefectural Library


◎Drink-loving People Must Like Here! Technology & History Of Whisky YAMAZAKI

Abeno Harukas

◎The Walking In the Sky (300m High) While Observing the Superb View From the Glass Deck.


◎The Last Season Has Come! 'World No.1 Tree Of Lights' In UNIVERSAL STADIO JAPAN

Osaka Chuo Auditorium

◎How Photogenic! Classic Building Of An Important Cultural Asset

Hokoku Shrine

◎Enormous Effect! A Spiritual Spot For Success In Life

Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN

◎Romantic Night Appreciation For Adults! The World Largest Aquarium

Ibaraki Kasugaoka Church

◎A Charch Of The Light Standing Still At A Quiet Residential Area


◎A Park Evolving With The Young's Culture

◎A Symbol Art In America Village, PEACE ON EARTH

◎The Young's Unique Cultures In Kansai

Osaka Castle

◎Osaka Castle Tower Standing Dignified


◎Genuine Osaka's Atmosphere

Houzen-ji Yokocho Alley

◎Ofudo-san Statue Covered With Moss At A Tasteful Alley

Tsutenkaku Tower

◎An Obsevation Tower As A Symbol Of Shin-sekai

Nakanoshima Love Central

◎Objects Of New Symbol For Love In Osaka

Umeda Sky Building

◎Osaka's Triumphal Arch, A Dramatic Modern Architect


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