Hotels & Ryokan In osaka

Special Hotels & Ryokan to travel in osaka Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel

The Panoramic View of Osaka Tells You It's Just Like Staying in the Sky

The Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel is in the highest building 'Abe no Harukas' in Japan. You can see the magnificent scenery of Osaka from the stylish room. So, it's just like staying in the sky paradise.

Night View of Osaka Seen From the Sky-high

Night view is also nice. It would be a crime to go out. Eat and drink in the room, I want . I'd like to stay here more.

Hotel New Otani Osaka

The View Of Osaka Castle Surrounded By Water And Greens

A hotel stands nice location that view the beautiful Osaka Castle and a big city as a background. When you reserve, the room for castle view will be nice. You can enjoy the gorgeous night view, too.

Harmonie Embrassee Osaka

The urban Hotel Like an Oasis You Can Experience in the Luxury Room

The world-famous architect Ando Tadao designed. This novel hotel stands in 5 minutes walk from Hankyu Umeda, and hold up a slogan of small luxury by meticulous attention for guests. I like the nice room like an oasis.

The Cool Room Based on the Concept of NY

The room 'BLACK TEA' based on the concept of NY is monotone and luxury. And you can enjoy seeing night view from the large balcony.

Dojima Hotel

Doujima Breakfast Of A Sociable Restaurant In Osaka

A breakfast at THE DINER. It is very popular and delicious to enjoy the Doujima morning in such a sociable air. All of the organic vegetables, healthy fresh juice and eggs benedict were a kind of elegant dishes.

Authentic Modern Rooms

Minimal and comfortable rooms. Douzima hotel room has a concept of authentic modern and a good sense created by the local designers such as 'graf'.


Super Posh Room With The Dazzling Night View Of Whole Osaka

Located in Umeda, a central part of Osaka, and from this high-rise hotel, you can have the fascinating night view of Osaka. Have a good time at the posh room!


A Comfortable Room Wrapped With Music From Analogue Record

A 'Social Hotel' has become a talk because travelers can exchange here and it's a source of trend cultures. For the retro articles come into fashion again, there're analogue record in all rooms. It was a hotel with attractive room wrapped in comfortable music.

Social Hotel That Makes New Exchange Of People, Not Only Stay

Like conventional hotels, they keep the privacy of guest rooms, but also many common space with dinning tables and terrace is characteristic. It's a 'Social Hotel' where guests with different nationalities and senses of value have a chance for exchange.

Rock Star Hotel

Wall Paintings of the Legendary Rock Stars

A legendary rock stars wall painting are different for each room. You can select your favorite one. And I like the lock design goods such as a decorated room key.

A Economy Hotel Whose Concept Is Rock

Rock stars are painted here and there, the interiors and BGM are also rock. It's a perfect designed hotel.

Az Hostel

Guest House In Osaka Good For Also Beginners

Stay in Osaka at lower price! This is a guest house you can access from Umeda within walkable area. Breakfast is available if you order. It's a place like middle of guest house and youth hostel, so I recommend here for even beginners.

Hilton OSAKA

Best Location Near Osaka Station! A Japanese Luxurious Hotel

Hilton Osaka has best location near Osaka Station and you can access directly from the basement staion. Its room has Japanese interiors such as shoji (sliding paper doors) and traditional lacquered goods. When it gets dark, you can see the beautiful glittering night view of high buildings from this great hotel.

Hotel New Hankyu Osaka

Best Location Of Direct Connecting With Umeda Station

A hotel has a direct connection with Umeda station and easy access to anywhere.


In a Back Alley of Tennouji Osaka, a Homelike Hotel

Osaka, Tennouji is crowded because of the Abeno Harukas. You visit a back alley of a busy street, there is a hotel standing still. They make us relaxed in the homelike and calm atmosphere.



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