Foods & Restaurants In osaka

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in osaka Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Naniwa Tachibana

Osaka's Specialty Kushiage. Creative And Something New

Kushiage (skewered and deep fried food) is a local specialty in Osaka. When you want to eat quality one, visit here! Duck meat with mustard, pork fillet with miso, you can eat creative kushiage here.

Special 'Angel Shrimp' Kushiage

One of the specialty of Naniwa-bashi is angel shrimp kushiage. They cook the best quality shrimp gown in the beautiful sea in New Caledonia. A genuine sweetness of shrimp and juicy coating of kushiage.


The Matsuzaka Beef Sukiyaki with Secret Miso Sauce Inherited from 1914, the Tisho Period

If you eat Sukiyaki in Osaka, you have to visit here. It has a good aftertaste of miso and Matsuzaka beef with egg is delicious.


Osaka Style 'Gourmet Nigiri', Sushi Of Royal Road And Something New

They prepare the royal roads like a tuna and a prawn, and also exceptions like foie gras and cheese, which is popular in Osaka. Edomae style is the base, but they try various seasonings not only say sauce and make them surprising and delicious.


Assorted Sashimi ' Naniwa' A Dignified Display And Various Deliciousness

You can enjoy the sashimi displayed beautifully with various seasonings such as soy sauce, sea water, a yolk and miso. A Michelin starred restaurant Koryu's sashimi dish is the best one in Osaka.

Dainties You Can Taste In Naniwa, The Other Word, The Best Kitchen In Japan

Michelin three starred Koryu's is characterized by the creative cuisines that mix particular vegetables grown in Osaka. To put Osaka spirit into rice or water, this is way of the deliciousness of the best kitchen in Japan.

Trattoria Al Pompiere

The Best Tiramisu Receiving Acclaim of the Critics in the World

The restaurant 'Trattoria Al Pompiere' is proud of the tiramisu that wins 'Worlds Best Tiramisu'. The dessert made from selected ingredients pursues the simplicity but delicious.

Inherited Taste From Trattoria Loved Over 100 Years in Verona

In Osaka, you can enjoy the Italian of Trattoria Loved in Verona. They admired the philosophy of AL POMPIERE and inherited. Its interior and menu is the same as the Verona's.

Kitashinchi Kushi-katsu BON '凡'

The Most Eminent Kushi-katsu In Osaka

One Michelin-starred and popular Kushi-katsu restaurant 'Bon' in Kitashinchi. They use rich foodstuffs like truffle and sea urchin egg, and wrap the ingredients gently with fluffy coating. People say this restaurant is the most eminent in Osaka, an authentic town of kushi-katsu!

Picture Book & Coffee Pennennenemu

The World Of Picture Books! So Lovely Food Imitating Books

Picture books and goods bring us into the picture book world! Guri-Gura Hot Cake from 'Guri and Gura', a cream soda in which 'Swimmy' is swimming (limited in summer). We can't eat such lovely foods, can we!?


Sophisticated Kushi-age At A Fine View Restaurant In Front Of Osaka Castle

Creative kushi-age (deep fried food on skewers) of first-rate foodstuffs such as sea urchin eggs, a prawn, an abalone and foie gras. They make the most of the foodstuffs simply, or sometimes pursuit the new tastes. You can enjoy Osaka gourmet and a fine view at this nice restaurant.

Utena Kissa

A Retro Café Makes You Feel The Showa Era Like Time Travel

In Nakazaki town, you can be suffused with an retro atmosphere in this café. Here you can visit on foot from crowded Umeda.

smørrebrød kitchen nakanoshima

With A Retro Nakanoshima Library! The First Specialty Restaurant Of Nordic Open Sandwiches In Western Japan

Smorrebrod' is a local food of Nordic countries. It looks colorful open sandwiches and the tastes are also genuine because they use the fresh and safe foodstuffs. It's located in a historical building, Nakanoshima Library, so you can enjoy sandwiches at your own pace in the retro mood.

In A Library? Northern European Food And Wine

In a retro building Nakanoshima Library, you can eat smorrebrod food in Northern Europe and wine. You must be fascinated with this unknown cafe.


Breakfast Full Of Vegetables On The Terrace Seat By The Tosaborigawa River

A reverside café where the terrace seats are occupied as soon as it opens at 7:00. Its photogenic healthy food is the secret of the popularity. Charge the nature power from the vegetable plate and the river.


Meiji Era Atmosphere! Ryotei At The Center Of Umeda, Osaka

I didn't know such a place in Ohatsutenjin. Japanese antique furniture, plates made in Meiji Era, delicious food and Japanese local sake. If you want to enjoy a little different night at Umeda, you must visit here.

Kushi-katsu NISHIKAWA

Kushi-katsu With Lesser Coating Of Batter And Fine Grains Of Bread Crumbs That You May Eat Endlessly

An excellent restaurant of Osaka food, kushi-katsu in Kitashinchi. The chef makes around 20 kushi-katsu one after another till you call a halt. Rich and many kinds of foodstuffs like fillet, crab and sea urchin eggs wrapped in thin and quality coating of batter. You may eat these kushi-katsu almost limitlessly.

Pain de Singe

What A Cute♡ Photogenic 'Vaulting Horse Bread'

This bakery's 'Tobibako Pan (bread like a vaulting horse) is well sold. Big one is a loaf of bread, and small one is like a jam bun with koshian (sweet beans) and chocolate in it. Its cute shape is not only the secret for the popularity, but also the deliciousness!

Mochi-sho SIZUKU

I've Never Seen Such A Beautiful Daihuku♡ Healthy, Beautiful & Delicious Japanese Sweets

Mochi-shoo SIZUKU make daikyu (Japanese traditional sweets) from chemical-free and additive-free rice cake that they pound every morning. A good-seller Framboise Daifuku with lovely look and a little sour juiciness is very delicious! If you use its cafe, you can also enjoy teathings and plates that they offer different ones for each customers.

Sumile Osaka

Supported By DREAM COME TRUE! A Water's Edge Restaurant To Make Nakanoshima Crowded

A Japanese popular music group, DREAM COME TRUE is closely related to Osaka and they approve the project to make Nakanoshima crowded with people. They opened a leisure complex as well as a restaurant and have supported to create the prosperity. Their special directions have been well received by their fans!

A Café You Can See Nakanoshima Town From The Opposite Shore

Nakanoshima is famous fashionable spot in Osaka. You can see the whole of such a retro and nice town from the café-restaurant. And they kept a close watch for me to have a good café time.


Superior And Sweet Time! BVLGARI's One & Only Café

Inside the shop, BVLGARI's one and only café offers sophisticated and comfortable, but not too formal room. A genuine Italian food and sweets like a jewelry box are good sellers, and you can enjoy sweet and luxurious time.

Nakanoshima Club

An Elegant Fragrance Of Rose Soda

Elegant rose fragrance, tint and place. Such a rose soda makes may café time happier.

An Elegant Restaurant In Osaka Central Public Hall, A National Important Cultural Asset

A historical building in Taisho era Of neo Renaissance architecture. For the atmosphere in Nakanoshima, a town of water, I feel like being in Europe.

Sushi Man

Direct Access To Osaka Station! Superb Sushi Of A Long Standing Restaurant

It's a long standing sushi restaurant started more than 300 years ago since Edo period. It's carefully and sophisticatedly cook, and I can say only 'delicious'. You can eat them at a restaurant directly connected with Osaka Station and which you can access without getting wet even in a rainy day.

Okonomiyaki Mizuno

100% Yam Okonomi Yaki Made By the Most Famous Restaurant in Osaka

The most popular menu of the crowded restaurant. They don't use any wheat flour but only ground yam. Yam and a scallop matches by the mastered mayonnaise and sauce so much, then the masterpiece you can find.