Foods & Restaurants In osaka

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in osaka Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

26 Foods & Restaurants [1-26]


◎Osaka Style 'Gourmet Nigiri', Sushi Of Royal Road And Something New


◎Assorted Sashimi ' Naniwa' A Dignified Display And Various Deliciousness

◎Dainties You Can Taste In Naniwa, The Other Word, The Best Kitchen In Japan

◎A Bear Meat Osumashi Soup' A Specialty Made By Surprising Skills


◎The Matsuzaka Beef Sukiyaki with Secret Miso Sauce Inherited from 1914, the Tisho Period

Naniwa Tachibana

◎Osaka's Specialty Kushiage. Creative And Something New

◎Special 'Angel Shrimp' Kushiage


◎Sophisticated Kushi-age At A Fine View Restaurant In Front Of Osaka Castle

Sumile Osaka

◎Supported By DREAM COME TRUE! A Water's Edge Restaurant To Make Nakanoshima Crowded

◎A Café You Can See Nakanoshima Town From The Opposite Shore

Picture Book & Coffee Pennennenemu

◎The World Of Picture Books! So Lovely Food Imitating Books

Okonomiyaki Mizuno

◎100% Yam Okonomi Yaki Made By the Most Famous Restaurant in Osaka

◎Sharpen Appetite! Naniwa's Secret Cooking Playing In Front Of Your Eyes

Trattoria Al Pompiere

◎The Best Tiramisu Receiving Acclaim of the Critics in the World

◎Inherited Taste From Trattoria Loved Over 100 Years in Verona

Ganso Kushikatsu Daruma Shinsekai Main Store

◎Kushi-katsu, a Fried Pork covered with Smooth Coating

smørrebrød kitchen nakanoshima

◎With A Retro Nakanoshima Library! The First Specialty Restaurant Of Nordic Open Sandwiches In Western Japan


◎Breakfast Full Of Vegetables On The Terrace Seat By The Tosaborigawa River

Kushi-katsu NISHIKAWA

◎Kushi-katsu With Lesser Coating Of Batter And Fine Grains Of Bread Crumbs That You May Eat Endlessly

Pain de Singe

◎What A Cute♡ Photogenic 'Vaulting Horse Bread'

Nakanoshima Club

◎An Elegant Fragrance Of Rose Soda

◎An Elegant Restaurant In Osaka Central Public Hall, A National Important Cultural Asset

◎A Pretty Terrace In A Cultural Asset. Europe May Be Jealous!

Mochi-sho SIZUKU

◎I've Never Seen Such A Beautiful Daihuku♡ Healthy, Beautiful & Delicious Japanese Sweets

Sakaisuji Club

◎A Restaurant Remodeled From A building Of 'Genuine History'

Kitashinchi Kushi-katsu BON '凡'

◎The Most Eminent Kushi-katsu In Osaka


◎Superior And Sweet Time! BVLGARI's One & Only Café

Utena Kissa

◎A Retro Café Makes You Feel The Showa Era Like Time Travel

Kuso Oyaji Saigo no Hitofuri

◎You Must Come After Drinking! Freshwater Clams Ramen For Which People Make Line Every Day

Otako Main-Store

◎Piping Hot Osaka's Specialty Takoyaki With Big Octopus

Bar Espanol La Bodega

◎A Restaurant Connected Directly With The Station Commands A Fine View


◎Creative Deep Fried Skewered Foodstuffs With Wonderful Original Ideas

◎Wine And Deep fried Prawn Bringing You A Time Of Bliss

Sushi Man

◎Direct Access To Osaka Station! Superb Sushi Of A Long Standing Restaurant


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