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Sekisei Lagoon

Colorful Jewelry Box Of The Sea! The Largest Gregarious Area Of Rich Corals

The largest area of coral reefs between Ishigaki Island and Iriomote Island. This day, I went around the north of Kuro-shima and Aragusuku-jima on a boat and dived, I could see the colorful corals growing vividly. It's a treasure of Japan that I want to protect forever.

Enjoy The Field Of Tropical Fish! Sekisei Lagoon With The Largest Scale Of Coral In Japan

Sekisei Lagoon has the largest scale of corals. A sea area designated as Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park has so clear water that coral reefs and colorful fish live together here. Once you dive into the sea, you certainly forget the time passing.

Nishi Beach

The Most Beautiful Beach In Okinawa! An Emerald Green Beach

The island where ordinary people can go and which locates in the southernmost in Japan is Hateruma Island in Okinawa. Nishi beach is in northwest of the island and the most beautiful beach in Japan. Many people come to the island for the beach every year.

I've Never Seen Such A Color!! The Sea Of Beautiful Hateruma Blue

The southernmost inhabited island in Japan, Hateruma Island has a beach called Nishi-hama. A pure white sand and a gradation of blue, pale blue and emerald green. This sea called Hateruma blue has the most beautiful color that I've ever seen.

Hamajima, Phantom Island

In Japan?! A Rare Island Floating Between Kohama And Taketomi

This island made from sandy beach appears only the low tide. Pure blue sky, pure white beach and the sea of Yaeyama blue make me moved!! You have to use a tour because there aren't any liners.

Starry Sky Of Hateruma

Natural Planetarium! Starry Sky Of Hateruma Island, A Southernmost Island In Japan

A little far from residential areas, you can meet a skyful of stars without any streetlamps. And you must be moved by the stars that you are likely to catch! There're so many stars that you can't distingulish the constellations☆

Overwhelming Starry Sky At The Southernmost Inhabited Island In Japan

The southernmost inhabited island, Hateruma Island. This island makes me forget the passage of time. When the night comes, the stars spread all over the sky. The whole view as far as I can see in my eyes are filled with the stars.

Hateruma Port

Stunning View Spot In Hateruma Island! Hateruma Blue You Can See From A Breakwater

From the breakwater at Hateruma Port, you can have a whole view of Nishi Beach and breathtaking beautiful ocean spreads in fromt of your eyes. To spend easily on the breakwater and gaze into the ocean is so luxury time I have ever had. You may meet sea turtles♪

Yubu Island

The Genuine Okinawa's Scenery! Water Buffalo Vehicle Stepping Into The Sea

Yuhu Island locates 400m away from Iriomote Island, and the whole island is a botanical gardens of subtropical plants. The way to cross to this island is a vehicle pulled by water buffalo! It's really healing to cross the sea on the swaying water buffalo vehicle with a sound of shamisen.

Iko Pier

Feel Like Walking On The Sea! Iko Pier Going Straight To The Sea

Iko Pier in Kuroshima Island was used as a port. Now, it has gained a popularity as a place to take pictures because it's going straight to the sea. Only walking on the pier makes you feel refreshed.

West Pier

The Setting Sun Seen From West Pier In Taketomi Island

The nearest island from Ishigaki is Taketomi. Located in the west side of the island, West Pier (Nishi Sambashi) is a popular spot to see the beautiful sunset! Only people who stay in the island can see this ever-changing scenery.

Barasu Island

Barasu Island Made Up Of Coral Pieces Floating Between Iriomote & Hatoma Island

Floating gently across the Yaeyama Blue ocean, Barasu Island is made up of coral pieces. With every incoming waves, the pieces of coral play comfortable clacking sounds. You can enjoy snorkeling and swimming in this very clear seawater!

Moubina (Mouzaki) Beach

Coral All Over The Surface! A Beach Like A Secret Place You Can Spend Leisurely

Mouzaki seashore, at the west of Hateruma Island, is a quiet beach like a secret place. There spreading not sands but coral, and it's called 'a hill of coral'.

Taketomi Island

Enjoy Walking Around Taketomi Island Without Hurry

Taketomi Island's time passes slowly. Traditional red tiles, cute Shisa, coral fences and white sand street… All of them makes us happy! You can also find many photogenic places with flowers all the year around.

This Is An Original Landscape Of Okinawa! Streets You Can Go Around On A Water Buffalo's Car

What kind of landscape do you image as a low of houses in Okinawa? Taketomi Island's would be equal to what you image. Going on a water buffalo's car and see around there, it must be a special memory for you.

Urauchi River Jungle Cruise

From A Mangrove To A Subtropical Forest! Jangle Cruise On Urauchi River.

On this jangle cruise, a guide amuse us to tell the nature and history of this place. A boat goes through the grove and toward the entrance of subtropical jangle where you can see the Kanpira Fall.

Kanpire Falls

God's Seat! A Wide And Powerful Waterfall In The Depths Of The Subtropical Jungle

To enjoy the great nature of Iriomote Island, you must visit Kanpira Fall. They say Kanpira means a seat for God. Walking to the depths of the jungle, the fall is very wide and powerful like a huge river.

Nishinohama Beach

Hidden Beach 'Nishinohama' Shining Emerald Green At A Small Kuroshima Island

You can enjoy the beautiful sea and beach at Nishinohama located at west side of Kuroshima Island. I can't say it's suitable for sea bathing because there're no shower nor bathroom, but I want to stay here more to see this beautiful sea.

Kuroshima Island

Caws Living Peacefully In Kuroshima Island Of Okinawa

Kuroshima is one of the isolated islands of Okinawa Prefecture, and you can see the caws living slowly all around the island. Kuroshima Island has more caws than the people living here. You can experience the Kuroshima Time passing peacefully.

Yonaguni Island

Undeveloped Nature Of The Westernmost Island In Japan! The Green Earth And The Blue Sea

In Okinawa, Yonaguni Island is located in the westernmost in Japan. Its nature keeps as it is beautifully even now.

Kaiji Beach

Beach With Starlike Sands and Clear Seawater

Taketomi Island is located soon by ferryboat from Ishigaki Island. Calm community of houses roofed with red tiles and beautiful clear seawater with star-shaped sands. At night, you can see a skyful of stars, a superb view!

Nitta Kanko

The Ancient Okinawa Town Seen From A Water Buffalo Carriage

You can see the sights of tasteful ancient town of Okinawa on the water buffalo's carriage making his way step by step slowly.



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