Things To Do In yaeyama-gun

Special Things To Do to travel in yaeyama-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

16 Things To Do [1-16]

Sekisei Lagoon

◎Colorful Jewelry Box Of The Sea! The Largest Gregarious Area Of Rich Corals

◎Enjoy The Field Of Tropical Fish! Sekisei Lagoon With The Largest Scale Of Coral In Japan

Hamajima Island

◎In Japan?! A Rare Island Floating Between Kohama And Taketomi

Nishi Beach

◎The Most Beautiful Beach In Okinawa! An Emerald Green Beach

◎The Beach Sunset At Hateruma-jima, A Southernmost Island In Japan

◎I've Never Seen Such A Color!! The Sea Of Beautiful Hateruma Blue

Hateruma Island

◎Natural Planetarium! Starry Sky Of Hateruma Island, A Southernmost Island In Japan

◎Overwhelming Starry Sky At The Southernmost Inhabited Island In Japan

Yubu Island

◎The Genuine Okinawa's Scenery! Water Buffalo Vehicle Stepping Into The Sea

Hateruma Port

◎Stunning View Spot In Hateruma Island! Hateruma Blue You Can See From A Breakwater

Barasu Island

◎Barasu Island Made Up Of Coral Pieces Floating Between Iriomote & Hatoma Island

West Pier

◎The Setting Sun Seen From West Pier In Taketomi Island

Mouzaki Beach

◎Coral All Over The Surface! A Beach Like A Secret Place You Can Spend Leisurely

Taketomi Island

◎This Is An Original Landscape Of Okinawa! Streets You Can Go Around On A Water Buffalo's Car

Urauchi River Jungle Cruise

◎From A Mangrove To A Subtropical Forest! Jangle Cruise On Urauchi River.

Yonaguni Island

◎Undeveloped Nature Of The Westernmost Island In Japan! The Green Earth And The Blue Sea

Kanpire Falls

◎God's Seat! A Wide And Powerful Waterfall In The Depths Of The Subtropical Jungle

Kaiji Beach

◎Beach With Starlike Sands and Clear Seawater

Nitta Kanko

◎The Ancient Okinawa Town Seen From A Water Buffalo Carriage

Taketomi Island

◎Traditional Red Tiled Roofs, Stone Fences And White Sands


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