Things To Do In yaeyama-gun

Special Things To Do to travel in yaeyama-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.



16 Things To Do [1-16]

Colorful Jewelry Box Of The Sea! The Largest Gregarious Area Of Rich Corals/Enjoy The Field Of Tropical Fish! Sekisei Lagoon With The Largest Scale Of Coral In Japan
In Japan?! A Rare Island Floating Between Kohama And Taketomi
The Most Beautiful Beach In Okinawa! An Emerald Green Beach/The Beach Sunset At Hateruma-jima, A Southernmost Island In Japan
Natural Planetarium! Starry Sky Of Hateruma Island, A Southernmost Island In Japan/Overwhelming Starry Sky At The Southernmost Inhabited Island In Japan
The Genuine Okinawa's Scenery! Water Buffalo Vehicle Stepping Into The Sea
Stunning View Spot In Hateruma Island! Hateruma Blue You Can See From A Breakwater
Barasu Island Made Up Of Coral Pieces Floating Between Iriomote & Hatoma Island
The Setting Sun Seen From West Pier In Taketomi Island
Coral All Over The Surface! A Beach Like A Secret Place You Can Spend Leisurely
This Is An Original Landscape Of Okinawa! Streets You Can Go Around On A Water Buffalo's Car
From A Mangrove To A Subtropical Forest! Jangle Cruise On Urauchi River.
Undeveloped Nature Of The Westernmost Island In Japan! The Green Earth And The Blue Sea
God's Seat! A Wide And Powerful Waterfall In The Depths Of The Subtropical Jungle
Beach With Starlike Sands and Clear Seawater
The Ancient Okinawa Town Seen From A Water Buffalo Carriage
Traditional Red Tiled Roofs, Stone Fences And White Sands