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Special Hotels & Ryokan to travel in yaeyama-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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Hotel Peace Island Taketomijima

A Cottage Hotel Of Red Tiles Makes You Feel Okinawa

Red tiles blended with a scenery in Taketomi Island, and a calm and open atmosphere of the room with a wall plastered by Ryukyu Sikkui. They prepare Okinawa musics and Yachimun (Okinawa's pottery) cups for you to feel Okinawa mood during the time you spend in the room.

Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Iriomotejima

A Superlative Resort Stay With Daybeds In All Rooms

All of the spacious rooms have daybeds! On the daybed, you could read books, gaze out at the sea, take a nap to get busy days off your minds and spend a slow time.

Pension Sainantan

An Attractive Room Where You Can View 'Hateruma Blue'

A superb location that Nishi beach spreading in front of your eyes. From the all rooms and balconies, anytime you can view the sea of Hateruma blue.


Spacious Guest Rooms to Make Yourself at Home As You Like

The Room is very spacious and Equipped Enough, you can relax like in your room. The ocean can be seen from the room, why don’t you enjoy the nature.