Things To Do In okinawa

Special Things To Do to travel in okinawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.





58 Things To Do [1-30]

Sekisei Lagoon
Colorful Jewelry Box Of The Sea! The Largest Gregarious Area Of Rich Corals/Enjoy The Field Of Tropical Fish! Sekisei Lagoon With The Largest Scale Of Coral In Japan
Hamajima Island
In Japan?! A Rare Island Floating Between Kohama And Taketomi
Kushibaru Beach
My Figure Reflects On The Seabed! A Tide Pool Appearing Only At Low And Spring Tide
Gahi-jima Island
Away From An Isolated Island, To The Uninhabited Island Of White Sands. The World Fall In Love With Its Sea
Nishi Beach
The Most Beautiful Beach In Okinawa! An Emerald Green Beach/The Beach Sunset At Hateruma-jima, A Southernmost Island In Japan
Aga Bridge
Kerama Blue Like A Jade Seen From The Aka Ohashi Bridge
Aka Beach
Fascinated Once You Meet! The Beach Makes You Possible To Swim With A Wild Turtle
Toguchinohama Beach
The White and Smooth Beach on which You can Walk Barefoot and the Clear Water, Like a Paradise/You Can Enjoy Marine Activity With Your Hands Empty! Best White Sandy Beach In Irabu Island
Hateruma Island
Natural Planetarium! Starry Sky Of Hateruma Island, A Southernmost Island In Japan/Overwhelming Starry Sky At The Southernmost Inhabited Island In Japan
Yubu Island
The Genuine Okinawa's Scenery! Water Buffalo Vehicle Stepping Into The Sea
Kabira Bay
The World Of Coral And Tropical Fish! Three Michelin-Starred Sea On A Glass boat/Beautiful Blue Sea
Shimojishima Airport
The Ideal Starry Sky that I Want to See Forevermore/The Little-Known Beach Suitable for Malin Sports Such As Stand Up Paddle
Irabuohashi Bridge
The Longest Toll-Free Bridge in Japan on the Ira-Blue Sea
Ao no Dokutsu Cave
A Blue Cave in Irabu Island that is Miraculous Transparency and Leads You to the Fantastic World
Sawada Coast
The Southernmost Spot Of Beautiful Shores And The Quiet Sunset
Shimoji-jima Reef
You Can See Clearly! Shoal Reefs Of Coral Island
Hateruma Port
Stunning View Spot In Hateruma Island! Hateruma Blue You Can See From A Breakwater
Aharen Beach
A Paradise You Can Go On One-day Trip From Naha! Aharen Beach In Tokashiki Island
Gyokusen Cave
5000m The Total Length! The Biggest & Beautiful Limestone Cave
Chinen Misaki Park
A Scenic Spot In Southern Part Of Okinawa Main Island! The Pacific Ocean Seen From Chinen Misaki Park
Aka-shima Island
You Can To Meet The Wild Kerama Deer During A Walk! An Island Village Rich In Nature
Shimoji Airport 17 End
Like A Road To Heaven. A Beautiful Pier Of Coral Blue
Spiritual Power Spot! Daisekirinzan, Sanctuaries Of Ryukyu Myths
Cave Café ( Valley Of Gangala)
The World Oldest Relic Was Found Here! An Open Café Inside The Ruins Of Limestone Cave In The Old Stone Age
Banna Park
Like Ancient Jungle! A Lively Forest Of Subtropical Plants
Higashi Hennazaki Lighthouse
The Artistic Superb View of the Cape Splitting the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea
Bibi Beach Itoman
Romantic Sunset In 'Bibi Beach' A Southern Part Of Okinawa Main Island
Tori-ike Pond
Mysterious Blue Of Two Ponds Connected With The Open Sea By The Underground Cave
Eef Beach
Have An Isolated Island Beach All To Yourself! And The Morning Sun Shinin' On The Superbly Transparent Sea
On'nason Seaside Park
A Pair Of Rocks In The Offing! Very Clear & Scenic Beach

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