Top Shops In okinawa

Special Shops to travel in okinawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


4 Top Shops In okinawa [1-4]

Nangoku Zakka Tida

Impossible Not To Buy! General Goods Made From Miyakojima Materials

Tida's general goods make us stop walking involuntarily. Earthenware accessories and original goods of Miyakojima. Cute accessories and candles are well sold, and you must take them in your hands.

Zakkaya -Papa Hand-

Cute Fairy Of Okinawa, 'Kijimuna-kun' Made Similar To The Owner

The original Mujina-kun with a big nose is made similar to the shop owner. Bring buck your favorite one! With highly individualistic ideas, their handmade pierced earrings of Ryukyu glass are also sold well.

Ryukyu Zakka AOSORA

For Yourselves, For Your Friends. Yamuchin Goods That Color Your Life

A shop of items made by young artists of Yamuchin, Okinawa's traditional earthenware. You would be moved all the more if you find your favorite because you can't meet them forever after. Inexpensive chopstick rests, rice bowls and plates are popular.

Salt Shop (Masu-ya)

The Secret Of Longevity Is Salt! 'Mixed Salt' Made Of YUKISIO Full Of Minerals In Miyako Island

Mixed Salt (Awase-jio) is made up for each food. A salt adviser live at a salt specialty shop. It'll be good for you to talk with them and taste your favorite one. Then, get some for your souvenirs.