Things To Do In shimajiri-gun

Special Things To Do to travel in shimajiri-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.



7 Things To Do [1-7]

My Figure Reflects On The Seabed! A Tide Pool Appearing Only At Low And Spring Tide
Away From An Isolated Island, To The Uninhabited Island Of White Sands. The World Fall In Love With Its Sea
Kerama Blue Like A Jade Seen From The Aka Ohashi Bridge
Fascinated Once You Meet! The Beach Makes You Possible To Swim With A Wild Turtle
A Paradise You Can Go On One-day Trip From Naha! Aharen Beach In Tokashiki Island
You Can To Meet The Wild Kerama Deer During A Walk! An Island Village Rich In Nature
Have An Isolated Island Beach All To Yourself! And The Morning Sun Shinin' On The Superbly Transparent Sea