Things To Do In shimajiri-gun

Special Things To Do to travel in shimajiri-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

7 Things To Do [1-7]

Kushibaru Beach

◎My Figure Reflects On The Seabed! A Tide Pool Appearing Only At Low And Spring Tide

Gahi-jima Island

◎Away From An Isolated Island, To The Uninhabited Island Of White Sands. The World Fall In Love With Its Sea

Aga Bridge

◎Kerama Blue Like A Jade Seen From The Aka Ohashi Bridge

Aka Beach

◎Fascinated Once You Meet! The Beach Makes You Possible To Swim With A Wild Turtle

Aharen Beach

◎A Paradise You Can Go On One-day Trip From Naha! Aharen Beach In Tokashiki Island

Aka-shima Island

◎You Can To Meet The Wild Kerama Deer During A Walk! An Island Village Rich In Nature

Eef Beach

◎Have An Isolated Island Beach All To Yourself! And The Morning Sun Shinin' On The Superbly Transparent Sea


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