Things To Do In miyakojima-shi

Special Things To Do to travel in miyakojima-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

16 Things To Do [1-16]

Toguchinohama Beach

◎The White and Smooth Beach on which You can Walk Barefoot and the Clear Water, Like a Paradise

◎You Can Enjoy Marine Activity With Your Hands Empty! Best White Sandy Beach In Irabu Island

Shimojishima Airport

◎The Ideal Starry Sky that I Want to See Forevermore

◎The Little-Known Beach Suitable for Malin Sports Such As Stand Up Paddle

Irabuohashi Bridge

◎The Longest Toll-Free Bridge in Japan on the Ira-Blue Sea

Ao no Dokutsu Cave

◎A Blue Cave in Irabu Island that is Miraculous Transparency and Leads You to the Fantastic World

Sawada Coast

◎The Southernmost Spot Of Beautiful Shores And The Quiet Sunset

Shimoji-jima Reef

◎You Can See Clearly! Shoal Reefs Of Coral Island

Shimoji Airport 17 End

◎Like A Road To Heaven. A Beautiful Pier Of Coral Blue

Higashi Hennazaki Lighthouse

◎The Artistic Superb View of the Cape Splitting the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea

Tori-ike Pond

◎Mysterious Blue Of Two Ponds Connected With The Open Sea By The Underground Cave

Sankakuten Irabujima

◎Irabu Island Has the Blue Superb View Called Ira-Blue

Yonaha-maeyama Beach

◎Yonaha-maehama Beach, The Best Beach In The East


◎Sanctuary Cave with Holy Energy, So You Should Worship before Entering

Sunayama Beach

◎Fantastic Miyako-Blue Appears Over a Sand Hill

Shimoji-jima Huge Stone

◎Shimoji-jima's Historical Spot, A Huge Guardian Deity Of Rock

Nakanoshima Seashore

◎Beautiful Blue Ocean! Popular Beach As A Fish Spot In Shimoji-jima Island

Sabautsuga Well

◎123 Steep Steps Of Irabu Island's History. A Well & Great View Under The Steps


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