Things To Do In miyakojima-shi

Special Things To Do to travel in miyakojima-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.



17 Things To Do [1-17]

The White and Smooth Beach on which You can Walk Barefoot and the Clear Water, Like a Paradise
The Ideal Starry Sky that I Want to See Forevermore/The Little-Known Beach Suitable for Malin Sports Such As Stand Up Paddle
The Longest Toll-Free Bridge in Japan on the Ira-Blue Sea
A Blue Cave in Irabu Island that is Miraculous Transparency and Leads You to the Fantastic World
The Southernmost Spot Of Beautiful Shores And The Quiet Sunset
You Can See Clearly! Shoal Reefs Of Coral Island
Like A Road To Heaven. A Beautiful Pier Of Coral Blue
The Artistic Superb View of the Cape Splitting the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea
Mysterious Blue Of Two Ponds Connected With The Open Sea By The Underground Cave
Irabu Island Has the Blue Superb View Called Ira-Blue
Yonaha-maehama Beach, The Best Beach In The East
Sanctuary Cave with Holy Energy, So You Should Worship before Entering
Fantastic Miyako-Blue Appears Over a Sand Hill
Shimoji-jima's Historical Spot, A Huge Guardian Deity Of Rock
Beautiful Blue Ocean! Popular Beach As A Fish Spot In Shimoji-jima Island
123 Steep Steps Of Irabu Island's History. A Well & Great View Under The Steps