Things To Do In okayama

Special Things To Do to travel in okayama Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Fuji Park

Most Kinds Of Japanese Wisteria! A Park With Beautiful Wisteria Trellises

Fuji Park has more than 100 kinds of Japanese Wisteria. Good fragrances come from the pale purple wisteria flowers.

931 Kibitsu Kita-ku

Beautiful Cloister As Long As 400m At A Shrine Of Momotaro Folklore

This is a shrine of Kibitsuhiko-no Mikoto, a model of an Japanese folk tale 'Momotaro'. Its precinct is huge and has many things to see. Among them, beautiful cloister as long as 400 meters making the best use of nature slope is the very highlight. You can see the scenery of impressive atmosphere.

Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter

the Enjoying a Flavor of Bikan Area with White Wall Buildings in a Boat

The area called 'White Wall Town' is many beautiful japanese tradistional buildings with white wall. You can enjoy the boating activity on Kurashiki river with spectacle time-slipped.

A White Wall Town 'Kurashiki' Wrapped With Gentle Lights

People attach a great deal of importance to indirect lightings and offer elegant time to guests.


Thrilling, But Indescribable View Of Seto Inland Sea

With some big and small strange stones on its slope, Mt.Ojigadate is a scenic spot in Okayama. It's very thrilling to stand on the stone and overlook the panoramic view of Seto Inland Sea, but so beautiful that I can't describe. Of course, you can see also from safer places.

A Scenic Hill Where Paragliders Take Off

Mt.Ojigadake is a famous scenic spot but also popualr for paragliders. Take off to the sutunning view of the sea and Seto Ohashi Bridge! It may feel so nice. I want to fly, too!

Road Station Kasaoka Bay Farm

Sunflowers All Of My Sight! A Field Of One Million Sunflowers

One million sunflowers blooms from the beginning to the middle of August. Walking through the large sunflower field where the yellow covers all of your view, you can feel refreshed. Very popular and photogenic place for summer in Okayama Prefecture.

Korakuen Garden

The Event 'Fantasy Garden in Autumn' Held in Koraku-en Garden that is One of 3 Famous Gardens in Japan.

The event 'Fantasy Garden in Autumn' is held more scale-up than the previous in Koraku-en garden that is one of 3 famous gardens in Japan. Okayama castle and Japanese umbrellas are illuminated and the famous garden is enveloped in fantasy world.

One Of The Three Best Japanese Garden With 3 Michelin Star

Koraku-en is one of the three best Japanese garden and has won three stars in Michelin Green Guide Japan. From around the ponds, small hill and everywhere you can see the beautiful garden scene that can be said to 'simple is best'.


The Wide View of the Seto Ohashi Bidge

10 minutes walk up from the parkin lot, from the top of the mountain you can see the bridge at very close range, and also the same height as the bridge top.

Okutsukei Valley

Most Beautiful Fall Foliage Scenery In Okayama

Okutsukei Valley is famous for its beautiful rivers, rocks and waterfalls, and what's more, a most beautiful fall foliage spot in Okayama. The maple trees turn into vivid colors, so you can see the beautiful autumn scenery.

The Best Fall Foliage Spot In Okayama With Photogenic Scenes

Okayama's best fall foliage spot 'Okutsukei Valley' has some photogenic scenes such as heart shaped leaves. This is the time that people want something photogenic, isn't it?

Inujima Seirensho Art Museum

Crossing The Industrial Legacy And Arts, A Museum With The New Space-Time

The legacy of industrial modernization, Inu-jima refinery's retro appearance got mixed with art works and buildings to make you feel being in an another time at this museum.

A Huge Ginko Tree At Bodai-ji

Over 900 Years Old, So Huge Ginko Tree

A huge ginko tree at Bodai-ji Temple in Nagi-cho, a north part of Okayama pref. You would be overwhelmed with the powerful energy for life of the tree estimated to be over 900 years old.

Takahashi River Bridge Of Ibara Line

Railroad Fans Must See! The Most Outstanding Curve With The Setting Sun

716meters long track, and train runs smoothly like Shinkansen, though on the bridge.

Yubaraokutsu Prefectural Natural Park

Kanba Waterfall Selected 100 The Most Beautiful Falls In Japan

Okayama Pref. is proud of the great nature. There is a green forest surrounding the waterfall that is fall down from height 110 meters. The balance of the colors is as beautiful as a picture.

Tama-dare Waterfall Whose Raindrops Are Beautiful

The waterfall scenery like raindrops falling down from a thatched roof is beautiful.

Bicchu Matsuyama Castle

Magnificent Sea Of Clouds And Existing Castle Tower

Bicchu Matsuyama Castle can be folded in magnificent sea of clouds on autumn day with big difference in temperature. From an observatory located a neighboring mountain, you can see its existing castle tower, which has been protected for hundreds of years, floating in the sea of clouds.

Highest Position In Japan! An Existing Castle Tower Standing On The Mountain Top

Bicchu Matsuyama Castle is located in Takahasi, Okayama, and proud of its the highest position among the other castles with existing castle towers. If you are in exact timing with a sea of clouds, you can see very fantastic scene of the castle.

Inujima Island

A Fusion Of An Island And Arts 'House Project', I Want To Live Such A Place

Do you want to have a daily life with arts? Some galleries are dotted to identify with the island, and I envy the beautiful sceneries of Inujima Island seen through the arts. It's C and A house.

Shizutani School

Autumn Colored Chinese Pistache Trees Standing By A School As A Special Historic Site

Opened in the early Edo era, the old Shizutani School is designated as a special historic site. In autumn, two huge trees show the beautiful colors of red and yellow.

Kamba Waterfall Nature Park

Fall Foliage Scenery Of Kamba Waterfall, A Greatest Fall In Western Japan

Kamba Waterfall is as high as 110 meters and the biggest one in western Japan. What's more, you can see the beautiful fall foliage with the great waterfall in autumn. The path takes you very near Kamba Waterfall and you can feel it impressive!

Nagi Museum Of Contemporary Art

Experience The Marvelous Feeling! Exhibition Room Where Your Sense Of Balance Goes Mad

Nagi MOCA located on north of Okayama, thought it's small, there're some interesting exhibition rooms for experiences. I want you to experience the marvelous feelings of 'moon' and 'sun'.

Bicchu Kokubun-ji Temple

Nostalgic Scenery Of Five-storied Pagoda In Okayama

You can't find five-storied pagoda elsewhere in Okayama. Located among the vast rice fields, this pagoda is a symbol of Kibi-ji Road and has Japanese nostalgic scenery. This area is popular for not only walking but also for cycling.

Okayama Castle

Cool Illumination Of Okayama Castle In Summer

Okayama Castle is called 'Cormorant Castle' for its black outer wall. Summer illumination event is held during August. You can see the gentle and cool Japanese atmosphere with traditional umbrellas and lanterns. Must see in summer!

Kurashiki Ivy Square

A Square Surrounded By The Romantic Red Bricks

The old spinning mill was remodeled into a hotel and restaurant. Surrounded by red bricks and ivy, this square is full of retro atmosphere.

Red Bricks And Ivy! Remodeled From An Oldest Spinning Mill

The ivy was planted to adjust the temperature inside the mill at that time. Now, they produce the retro atmosphere and show the history of industry.



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