Things To Do In okayama

Special Things To Do to travel in okayama Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.





18 Things To Do [1-18]

Unchanged Scenery Since 300 Years Ago! The Japanese Noble Garden Seen From A Hill, Yuishin-zan/The Event 'Fantasy Garden in Autumn' Held in Koraku-en Garden that is One of 3 Famous Gardens in Japan.
Most Kinds Of Japanese Wisteria! A Park With Beautiful Wisteria Trellises
the Enjoying a Flavor of Bikan Area with White Wall Buildings in a Boat/A White Wall Town 'Kurashiki' Wrapped With Gentle Lights
Over 900 Years Old, So Huge Ginko Tree
Crossing The Industrial Legacy And Arts, A Museum With The New Space-Time
Autumn Colored Chinese Pistache Trees Standing By A School As A Special Historic Site
Sunflowers All Of My Sight! A Field Of One Million Sunflowers
Railroad Fans Must See! The Most Outstanding Curve With The Setting Sun
The Wide View of the Seto Ohashi Bidge
Highest Position In Japan! An Existing Castle Tower Standing On The Mountain Top
A Fusion Of An Island And Arts 'House Project', I Want To Live Such A Place
Experience The Marvelous Feeling! Exhibition Room Where Your Sense Of Balance Goes Mad
Cool Illumination Of Okayama Castle In Summer
Nostalgic Scenery Of Five-storied Pagoda In Okayama
Kanba Waterfall Selected 100 The Most Beautiful Falls In Japan/Tama-dare Waterfall Whose Raindrops Are Beautiful
A Square Surrounded By The Romantic Red Bricks/Red Bricks And Ivy! Remodeled From An Oldest Spinning Mill
The First Museum Of Western Modern Art In Japan