Top Things To Do In okayama

We have great places in Okayama Prefecture that were posted by travelers and the locals who have actually traveled there. Okayama is famous for its great fruit production, and located at the side of Seto Inland Sea, south of Chugoku Region. To begin with Korakuen Garden as one of the best Japanese gardens, Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, Kibitsu Shrine with beautiful cloister, and Setouchi islands tour, are all things to do here. What's more, the local specialty foods, such as fruit sweet of peach and Muscat grape, are also popular in Okayama Prefecture.

Things To Do

21 Top Things To Do In okayama [1-10]

Kibitsu Shrine

Beautiful Cloister As Long As 400m At A Shrine Of Momotaro Folklore

This is a shrine of Kibitsuhiko-no Mikoto, a model of an Japanese folk tale 'Momotaro'. Its precinct is huge and has many things to see. Among them, beautiful cloister as long as 400 meters making the best use of nature slope is the very highlight. You can see the scenery of impressive atmosphere.

Fuji Park

Most Kinds Of Japanese Wisteria! A Park With Beautiful Wisteria Trellises

Fuji Park has more than 100 kinds of Japanese Wisteria. Good fragrances come from the pale purple wisteria flowers.

Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter

the Enjoying a Flavor of Bikan Area with White Wall Buildings in a Boat

The area called 'White Wall Town' is many beautiful japanese tradistional buildings with white wall. You can enjoy the boating activity on Kurashiki river with spectacle time-slipped.


Thrilling, But Indescribable View Of Seto Inland Sea

With some big and small strange stones on its slope, Mt.Ojigadate is a scenic spot in Okayama. It's very thrilling to stand on the stone and overlook the panoramic view of Seto Inland Sea, but so beautiful that I can't describe. Of course, you can see also from safer places.

Road Station Kasaoka Bay Farm

Sunflowers All Of My Sight! A Field Of One Million Sunflowers

One million sunflowers blooms from the beginning to the middle of August. Walking through the large sunflower field where the yellow covers all of your view, you can feel refreshed. Very popular and photogenic place for summer in Okayama Prefecture.

Korakuen Garden

The Event 'Fantasy Garden in Autumn' Held in Koraku-en Garden that is One of 3 Famous Gardens in Japan.

The event 'Fantasy Garden in Autumn' is held more scale-up than the previous in Koraku-en garden that is one of 3 famous gardens in Japan. Okayama castle and Japanese umbrellas are illuminated and the famous garden is enveloped in fantasy world.


The Wide View of the Seto Ohashi Bidge

10 minutes walk up from the parkin lot, from the top of the mountain you can see the bridge at very close range, and also the same height as the bridge top.

Yubaraokutsu Prefectural Natural Park

Kanba Waterfall Selected 100 The Most Beautiful Falls In Japan

Okayama Pref. is proud of the great nature. There is a green forest surrounding the waterfall that is fall down from height 110 meters. The balance of the colors is as beautiful as a picture.

Okutsukei Valley

Most Beautiful Fall Foliage Scenery In Okayama

Okutsukei Valley is famous for its beautiful rivers, rocks and waterfalls, and what's more, a most beautiful fall foliage spot in Okayama. The maple trees turn into vivid colors, so you can see the beautiful autumn scenery.

Inujima Seirensho Art Museum

Crossing The Industrial Legacy And Arts, A Museum With The New Space-Time

The legacy of industrial modernization, Inu-jima refinery's retro appearance got mixed with art works and buildings to make you feel being in an another time at this museum.