Things To Do In okayama

Special Things To Do to travel in okayama Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

21 Things To Do [1-21]

Fuji Park

◎Most Kinds Of Japanese Wisteria! A Park With Beautiful Wisteria Trellises

Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter

◎the Enjoying a Flavor of Bikan Area with White Wall Buildings in a Boat

◎A White Wall Town 'Kurashiki' Wrapped With Gentle Lights

◎The Townscape Of Beautiful White Walls Like Time Travel To The Edo Period

Koraku-en Garden

◎Unchanged Scenery Since 300 Years Ago! The Japanese Noble Garden Seen From A Hill, Yuishin-zan

◎The Event 'Fantasy Garden in Autumn' Held in Koraku-en Garden that is One of 3 Famous Gardens in Japan.

◎Korakuen's Summer Event 'Fantastic Garden'

931 Kibitsu Kita-ku

◎Beautiful Cloister As Long As 400m At A Shrine Of Momotaro Folklore


◎Thrilling, But Indescribable View Of Seto Inland Sea

◎A Scenic Hill Where Paragliders Take Off

Bicchu Matsuyama Castle

◎Highest Position In Japan! An Existing Castle Tower Standing On The Mountain Top

A Huge Ginko Tree At Bodai-ji

◎Over 900 Years Old, So Huge Ginko Tree

Inujima Seirensho Art Museum

◎Crossing The Industrial Legacy And Arts, A Museum With The New Space-Time

Okutsukei Valley

◎The Best Fall Foliage Spot In Okayama With Photogenic Scenes

◎Most Beautiful Fall Foliage Scenery In Okayama

Shizutani School

◎Autumn Colored Chinese Pistache Trees Standing By A School As A Special Historic Site

Road Station Kasaoka Bay Farm

◎Sunflowers All Of My Sight! A Field Of One Million Sunflowers

Takahashi River Bridge Of Ibara Line

◎Railroad Fans Must See! The Most Outstanding Curve With The Setting Sun


◎The Wide View of the Seto Ohashi Bidge

Inujima Island

◎A Fusion Of An Island And Arts 'House Project', I Want To Live Such A Place

Nagi Museum Of Contemporary Art

◎Experience The Marvelous Feeling! Exhibition Room Where Your Sense Of Balance Goes Mad

Okayama Castle

◎Cool Illumination Of Okayama Castle In Summer

Bicchu Kokubun-ji Temple

◎Nostalgic Scenery Of Five-storied Pagoda In Okayama

Yubaraokutsu Prefectural Natural Park

◎Kanba Waterfall Selected 100 The Most Beautiful Falls In Japan

◎Tama-dare Waterfall Whose Raindrops Are Beautiful

Kamba Waterfall Nature Park

◎Fall Foliage Scenery Of Kamba Waterfall, A Greatest Fall In Western Japan

Kurashiki Ivy Square

◎A Square Surrounded By The Romantic Red Bricks

◎Red Bricks And Ivy! Remodeled From An Oldest Spinning Mill

Ohara Art Museum

◎The First Museum Of Western Modern Art In Japan


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