Things To Do In oita

Special Things To Do to travel in oita Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

9 Things To Do [1-9]

Yufugawa Gorge

◎A Rock Cliff Rearing Above You! A Gorge Also Goes By The Name Of The Oriental Tyrol

Usa Jingu

◎Dazzling Lively Greens! A Precinct With Rich Nature

Harajiri Falls

◎Eastern Niagara Falls! 120 Meters Wide Huge Waterfall


◎Mt. Yufu-dake The Sacred Seen From Yufuin. It Gets Warm And Canola Flowers Blooms To Tell The Coming Of Spring

Yaba-kei Gorge

◎One Of The New Three Scenic Scenery In Japan! Strongly Standing Huge Stones

Beppu Gigoku (Spring Water) Tour

◎The Colorful Sources Of Hot Spring

Lake Kinrin-ko

◎Lake Kinrin-ko In Fairly Cold Early Morning. Fantastic Morning Mist Of Yufuin In Winter

Matama Coast

◎Oita's Only One Sunset Selected As The Most Beautiful 100 Sunsets In Japan! The Scenery Woven By A Tidal Flats And The Setting Sun

Beppu Hatto

◎Like An Amusement Park! A Hot Spring Town Of The Largest Number Of Sources In The World


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