Special Things To Do In oita

Special places to travel in oita Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.




Tips By Travelers and Locals


At Yufugawa Gorge, you can also enjoy the real activities such as canyoning, but even going down steps for only 5minutes from the parking, you can easily find the beautiful scenes of gorge.


In Oita, Usa Jingu Shrine is a main shrine of Hachiman shrines all over Japan. There're many places to see in the precinct, and worthy of special mention is, very lively greens you can see here and there.


Harajiri waterfall is wide and locates in the mountains. The force changes as the water amount of the day, and if you stand above the fall, you can enjoy seeing the water falling down.


Mt.Yufu-dake is a symbol of Yufuin. From now to early spring, it'll be nice to view it from a bank along Oita River flowing in the center of the town. The scenery of cherry blossoms that begin to bloom after canola flowers is famous as a location of TV dramas. You can enjoy the early spring in Kyushu Region.


Yaba-kei Gorge is a popular tourist attraction in Oita and one of the Three Curious Spots and also the New Scenic Spots in Japan. Looking up the huge stones standing by the road, you can feel the strong power of the stones like falling down.


Oita is a representative hot spring prefecture. And in Beppu town, you can enjoy visiting the sources (called hell in Japanese) and the sceneries cannot seen except in hot spring town. The colorful hells, and greenhouse that uses the geothermal heat, there are many places to see.


Hot spring and clear water well up from the bottom of Lake Kinrin-ko. In the morning of cold day in winter, fantastic mist form up because of the deference in temperatures of those. It's the special scenery that we can see only when some conditions are satisfied, such as a big difference in temperatures between day and night, and a sunny day with no winds.


Matama Seashore is a famous spot for viewing sunset and selected as 100 most beautiful sunsets in Japan that is only one in Oita. The sunset is reflected in the tidal flats spreading the shoreline. You can enjoy seeing the mysterious sunset scenery.


Beppu Hachi-yu is a general term for eight hot spring areas in Beppu. There are uncountable hot springs here in the town giving off the steam and it's like an amusement park! Moreover there are ten kinds of water qualities so you can enjoy different kinds of hot springs.


Chewy and crisp pizzas are all superb. Suitable for a driving date because of the location surrounded with a grape farm. Adjoining there, in a winery you can buy wine for souvenirs.