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Yoshino-mikumari Shrine

Breathtaking Sacred Shrine Which Hideyoshi Had Visited

Yoshino-mikumari Shrine is believed as a god of pregnancy because of its name. Shrine buildings with long history, predinct like an inner court, wonderful weeping cherry trees, such a beautiful scenery make us breathless after passing under the gate.

Tanize Suspension Bridge

The Longest Iron Wire For Living 'Tanize Suspension Bridge' At The Biggest Village In Japan

A suspension bridge that is proud of its longest length as an iron wire for living use spans above Totsukawa Village that is also proud as a biggest village in Japan. The view from 54 meters high is awesome and full of thrill. The No.1 spot of Totsukawa where you enjoy the great nature, too.

Yoshino Mountain

Scenic Hiking In Autumn! Panoramic Fall Foliage View Of Yoshino Mountains

Yoshino Mountain is a famous cherry blossom spot in spring, and also its fall foliage in autumn is beautiful. The colored leaves spread to the whole of mountain, and it comes down gradually, so you can enjoy it for a long term. You must see them from Hanayagura Observatory!

Takami-no Sato

One Thousand Weeping Cherry Blossom Trees At One Glance

The weeping cherry blossom (Shidare Zakura) can be seen in only this season. In fact, the new trees are planted every year and there're about 1200 weeping cherry blossom trees here.