Things To Do In nara

Special Things To Do to travel in nara Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.




8 Things To Do [1-8]

Only The Term Of Shikinen-zoutai! Cute White-deer Oracle Of Kasuga-taisha Shrine/A Sacred Tree Watching Kasuga Taisya Shrine Since Heian Era
A Shrine Related To 'Genkuro-gitsune Fox' In A Kabuki Play 'Yoshitsune Sembon-zakura'/Made 100 Yeas Ago! 'Yamatona Hina Festival' With Lots Of Hina Dolls
The Longest Iron Wire For Living 'Tanize Suspension Bridge' At The Biggest Village In Japan
Hydrangeas As Far As The Eye Can See! Hydrangea Temple With 60 Kinds & 10 Thousand Trees
Japan's Oldest Prison Registered As An Important Cultural Asset
The Largest Wooden Structure In The World, Daibutsu-den
Touching Deers As A Natural Treasure
A Beautiful Hexagon Rest Area Floating On The Pond In Nara Park