Things To Do In nara

Special Things To Do to travel in nara Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

12 Things To Do [1-12]

Kasuga Taisha Shrine

◎Only The Term Of Shikinen-zoutai! Cute White-deer Oracle Of Kasuga-taisha Shrine

◎A Sacred Tree Watching Kasuga Taisya Shrine Since Heian Era

◎A Passionate Vermillion Shrine As The World Heritage

Mt. Ikoma Houzan-ji Temple

◎A Temple For Businness Prosperity With Vast Precinct & Retro Atmosphere

Genkuro Inari-jinja Shrine

◎A Shrine Related To 'Genkuro-gitsune Fox' In A Kabuki Play 'Yoshitsune Sembon-zakura'

◎Made 100 Yeas Ago! 'Yamatona Hina Festival' With Lots Of Hina Dolls

Tanize Suspension Bridge

◎The Longest Iron Wire For Living 'Tanize Suspension Bridge' At The Biggest Village In Japan

Heijo Palace

◎Heijokyo Tempyo Festival At Heijo Palace Once Used Be A Capital

Yata-dera Temple

◎Hydrangeas As Far As The Eye Can See! Hydrangea Temple With 60 Kinds & 10 Thousand Trees

Hase-dera Temple

◎Another World Behind The Gate! Great Views Harmonizing With Nature In Hase-dera

Nara Prison

◎Japan's Oldest Prison Registered As An Important Cultural Asset

Todaiji Temple

◎The Largest Wooden Structure In The World, Daibutsu-den

Nara Park

◎Touching Deers As A Natural Treasure


◎A Beautiful Hexagon Rest Area Floating On The Pond In Nara Park


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