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Tsutsuzaki Cape

A Scenic Spot In Tsushima

Powerful and magnificant scenery of a sheer precipice and rough waves. There is a path for walkers to the tip of the cape.

Aso Bay

The Sea Kayaking At The Saw Tooth Coastline With Over 100 Islands

You can enjoy it like an adventure. There are beautiful islands at the saw tooth coastline and you can see the beautiful scenery while kayaking. Kagoshima's proud of such an outdoor sport.

Waniura Area

Like Snow In May! The Early Summer Scenery Colored With Unique White Flowers

In Tsushima, an unique plant called Chinese Fringetree becomes its best during the Golden Week Holidays, around beginning of May. The slopes in Waniura area becomes white, ant it looks like snowscape! You can enjoy the unique flower viewing in Tsushima.


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